The 1st Mompreneur Summit

Congrats again to Janice Villanueva for a very successful Mompreneur Summit!

It's been almost a week since the 1st Mompreneur Summit. And I'm so pumped up with all the information, I still feel high from the energy that day and inspired from all the speakers! I'm really glad I attended the summit.

Flooded Buendia!
It rained so hard the previous night, it was still raining when I woke up. Good thing the rain stopped but Buendia was still flooded when I passed that the Manila bound lane became two-way! When I got to the Bahia Ballroom, I was relieved that it hasn't started yet!
The host for that day was Patricia Hizon who's also a mom. She has nice legs! (Yun agad ang napansin! LOL). She's a great and very engaging host!
The program started with a welcome speech by Janice Villanueva, the supermom behind Mommy Mundo, Expo Mom, Mompreneur Manila, and Creative Juice. I don't want to bore you with all the talk and it would be long so I'll just post a few snippets and some of the things said that made an impact on me!

  • Moms are natural entrepreneurs, sharers and networkers. We are creative, resourceful and nurturers.
  • We are active consumers and real life product tester.
  • Start with a vision! Think Big!
  • The Three Ps: Personal Goals, Passions, Priorities
  • Strive for excellence: good quality & customer service
  • Don't be afraid to dream!
The next speaker was Josiah Go, CEO of Waters Philippines & Co-founder of Mansmith & Fielders. I learned so much from Mr. Go! He truly is a marketing guru. Everything he said really made sense.

  • You need to own one thing
  • Turn into crisis into an opportunity
  • If I remove your company, will I miss you?
  • Each empty box is an opportunity you can enter
  • Communicate your uniqueness
  • Turn your disadvantage into an advantage

In between speakers, we were given snacks. This was my seat...
Amor Maclang, Director for Communications of GeislerMaclang Marketing Communications was the second speaker for that day. She spoke about advertising and marketing. She told the story how they made the campaign for Jamba Juice. She also made a lot of great points on marketing which was really helpful. I can't help but imagine what the future holds for me and my future business!
  • Always benchmark you work internationally
  • Scale your business into the scale you want
  • There's no subtlety in your business
  • Don't be afraid to collaborate

One of my favorite speakers for that day was Krie Reyes-Lopez, founder of Messy Bessy. She and her work and advocacy are really inspiring! I was so awed that I wasn't able to write any notes. How her business came about and her big heart is an inspiration. I'm trying to find her story on the internet so I can share it with you but I'm still looking for it!
Fourth speaker was Janette Toral, founder of Basically, she spoke about what are the foundation or things to consider when putting a website or an online store. Two words I got from her talk was to stand out and influence!
  • Three Pillars of Influece: Reach, Resonance, and Relevence.

The next speaker was the very successful Anton Diaz, who we all know as Mr. Our Awesome Planet.
Here he spoke about creating your online persona. He said "Today, bloggers are modern historians." Do you agree? By this time, there's so much information! He was a bit in a hurry during his talk so I took photos of his slides na lang. Hehe! But one thing he said I'm definitely going to do was TO LIVE YOUR PASSION!

The last speaker but not the least was Jen Tan! Whoot! Jen Tan, owner of Like Minds Inc. (creator of Next9 products) talked about Time Management! Her talk was really helpful! As in super!
Some points during her talk:
  • Make lists and weekly schedule calendar
  • Learn how to prioritize
  • Create a routine
  • Set boundaries
  • Learn how to delegate
  • Build in allowances

These are just snippets! I want to create a document for all the notes I made plus the slides I took photos of. The summit was really really informative and gave me an insight of what is it like in the real world. I'm really glad I got the chance to attend this! I got to meet a lot of moms, I met Gel Colet of Swell Sweets and Ethel of Celestina and Co! It was really a great event to connect with other moms! I'm looking forward to use everything I've learned in this summit! Once again, thank you and congratulations, Janice Villanueva!!! :)

Some more photos from the summit!
Photo from Mommy Pages


  1. Too bad we didn't see each other there, Cai! :) I was hoping to finally meet you in person! :) Thanks for this post - reminds me na I have to do my own post about the Summit soon, too! :) By the way, may I "borrow" a few pics and credit them to you? Our cam is broken and I only got to take lousy pics from a low-tech camera! haha! :) God bless!

  2. Hi Tina! Oo nga eh! I was hoping to meet you too! Where were you seated? I was in front! Hehe! Sure you can borrow some photos :)

  3. I was in front too! :) On the right side. :) Nearest to the tech booth. :) Uy thanks in advance ha! Now I need to find time to actually write the post, haha! :)

  4. Oh I was on the left side naman! :)

  5. Glad you enjoyed the event. Let's keep in touch. :)

  6. Thank you for your inspirational talk too! :) See you around Ms. Janette!