Breastfeeding Part Deux: Learnings and Realizations

When I learned I was pregnant with R, I was still breastfeeding Y. She just turned 1. I had all the intention to continue breastfeeding her even I was pregnant and dreamt of tandem nursing Y and R. My OB-GYN told me to stop breastfeeding because it causes contraction but I didn't stop yet because I wanted to prolong it, I stopped pumping but I still nursed her at night. But after getting my TVU and found out I had sub chronic hemorrhage and was ordered to bed rest, I had no choice but to stop breastfeeding Y.

Fast forward today, R will be 8 weeks on Monday. Breastfeeding is a breeze this second time around! R and I had a hard time latching at first, it took us four days, a lactation massage and a session with Abbie Yabot before it was smooth sailing. No sore nipples at all. I guess because it's my second time around.

What I learned and realized this second time around? My achi said that I looked calmer and not ngarag. I guess it's because I'm more confident and I trust my body that it will produce what my baby needs. I didn't think for one second that I don't have milk, because I know I do.

Breastfeeding still needs to be promoted and advocated. Like what Daphne tweeted the other day, every breastfeeding mom is an advocate. Let's all do our own share in promoting breastfeeding. That breast milk is superior than formula milk! I was the first one to breastfeed in our family, my mom was not as supportive at first but seeing how Y is healthy and not sakitin, she was somehow convinced and even supported my achi in breastfeeding her daughter. I said somehow convinced because she still pushes formula milk for when breast milk is not enough daw.

The main problem I saw from my friends who gave up breastfeeding right away was the lack of information and support system. I cannot stress enough how important these two are, they go hand in hand. With information but the lack of support system and vice versa, the mom would eventually give up and sort to formula milk as the solution. I have nothing against formula milk, Y is drinking formula milk now, but why give them formula milk when our bodies can produce milk naturally? There are so many ways we can inform ourselves, organizations and support groups that we can join, classes and seminars we can attend, and websites and blogs that we can read. If there's a will, there's a way!

P.S. Let's help fight to kill the Monster Bill. Read more about it in the Jenny's blog:

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