On Buying Spare Parts for My Avent Isis Duo

Due date is just around the corner!

It's been weeks now since I've been contemplating whether to buy spare parts for my Isis Duo here or in the US. I've already bought the valves and duckbills at Amazon but I still need the petal massager and Isis handle and cover so I can return the one my officemate lent me (mag 2 years na sa akin yon!) and at the same time, buy new parts for her too.

I initially checked Philips USA parts and accessories shop website to check out the prices so I can compare with the distributor's price here.

Here's the list of the things I need, plus the price, and shipping fee. Converted to peso, it will be around Php3,000 without shipping to Manila yet.

Click to enlarge

Then I called LJS (local distributor of Philips Avent) to compare prices.
Isis Petal Massager - Php300/pc
Plastic Isis Handle - Php500
Isis Pump Cover - Php300
Tubing for Isis Duo - more or less Php1,200 (though out of stock)

When I computed, it would be roughly around Php2,700. Almost the same lang and I can get it at their office without having to wait for it.

Now, I need to go schedule leave and go to their office on a weekday (because they're not open on Saturdays).

Conclusion? Buy spare parts here in Manila for your Avent breast pumps! But their retail prices for bottles, breast pumps, etc are way way higher! So buy those in SG (during baby fair or expo) or buy in the US.

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