New Yaya, Hopefully No New Woes

We've been yayaless for more than a month. Good thing that I had an extra helper at that time who helped took care of Y. Thank You, Belen! As much as I wanted to pirate her to be Y's yaya, I can't. She's amma's helper.

Last Monday, my mom told me to call achi because there was a yaya being referred by another friend. So I called the yaya to interview her. Couldn't offer her the same as her last salary but offered her a fair told her to think about it and text me if she wants to be my yaya. I was crossing my fingers on this one because she sounds experienced and mabait. 

Two days later, she texted me saying she's accepting my offer and when can we fetch her. She was living with her niece in Taguig and doesn't really know how to go to our area and asked if we can fetch her in Market Market!

Yesterday, I took a leave from work and went to fetch the yaya. While on our way back home, the BOS got to interview and asked her questions too. He's also crossing his fingers on this one.

Y is still warming up to her. And the yaya is really "tutok" on Y unlike the previous yaya who just let Y ran around the house and just shout or call to Y when she can't find Y. This yaya plays with her talaga. I let her feed Y too and give Y a bath while I teach her and watch her. So far, so good. Pero first day, well second day pa lang. Let's see!

And while on our way back yesterday, we stopped by Becky's Kitchen and buy these! Haha!

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