THE BOS [A Belated Anniversary and Father's Day Post]

We spent our anniversary at the hospital sleeping and having KFC take out for dinner. Winner! Father's Day was spent at home, with my relatives coming over to visit me and the baby so no celebration talaga! Hoping we can have a post celebration after my gelai (if we ever find the time to go out!) or we'll just buy a good steak to cook at home. Hehe

Many of you may wonder or have wondered who or what the hell is this BOS I keep mentioning in my posts. BOS talaga and hindi boss, dahil ako ang boss. Hehe!

BOS means Beacon of Strength. No, that's not my term of endearment for him but just a code name, BUT, he really is my beacon of strength! 💪

To my hubby, Thank you for being my BOS, even when we don't see eye to eye on certain things, our differences spice things up. Thank you for understanding me at times when nobody can, for making me laugh with your corniest jokes, and for loving me the way you do for the way I am. *cheezyyyyyy* Happy 4!!!
Filling out papers when I gave birth to Y. Thank You!
Thank you for being a great papa to our kids, for changing their diapers, giving them a bath, making Y's milk in the middle of the night, taking Y to Gymboree and chasing her around, spoiling them with me nagging you after buying whatever toy or giving Y ice cream kasi kontra ako lol. Belated Happy Father's Day!
Playing with Y
Spoiling Y...
Let's have a post-celebration soon, shall we?!

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