Beginnings Baby

I got this package Friday last week, which came so timely (as you all know by now, I gave birth earlier than scheduled!).

Most of Y's baby white clothes, I've already given away. Mittens and booties were borrowed and already returned to owner, Y's white pyjama's have stretched so much that she's still wearing them now (yes, it really that STRETCHED). I've already bought a few white clothes from 168, while it's cheaper than in malls, quality is certainly far from QUALITY talaga.

It is really best to buy white clothes and things for the baby as it's easy to see and spot dirt, insects, bugs, or what have you. I know moms would agree with that! Plus if and when I get pregnant again, I wouldn't have to worry buying new clothes again regardless of gender because white is a unisex color! Yay! That's why I was so happy when I received this package in the mail last week! I love the product packaging!
Set of sando, shorts, mittens, booties, wash cloths and bibs
Beginnings strictly follows US standards for baby clothes. Click to see larger image.

From press kit:
Beginnings Baby, the first all-white newborn baby apparel brand offers a full range of baby necessities. With each piece crafted from heaps of soft cotton and a whole lot of love, every Beginnings Baby product is just the thing you need to start your baby right.

Beginnings Baby, with its strict adherence to all things white, is the first infant apparel brand to herald the importance and necessity of white apparel for infants in their first year. The brand recognizes that with the first year of a child’s life comes a critical period of development. White garments are preferred by pediatricians for other reasons as well. White is cleaner; white is safer - it is easier to spot stains, dirt, insects and other unwanted objects on a white background. Indeed, loud colors and intricate designs become a second priority to such safety and sanitary issues. White proves for more comfortable wear too.  Scientifically, the color attracts less heat, ensuring that your little one is always cool and comfortable. 

The extensive Beginnings Baby line created especially for newborns to infants 12 months old carries t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, tie-sides, sleepsuits, cardigans, bodysuits, shorts, pajamas, undies, shoes, booties, caps, mittens, binders, bibs, wash cloths, blankets, towels and diapers- most everything you need for your beloved little ones, all in immaculate white.
Beginnings Baby Full Apparel Line 

I've already used the mittens, booties, and wash cloths and I really love them! It's really soft! When I'm finally done with my gelai, I need to go to the mall and buy bigger sizes of onesies, sandos, pyjamas, and tie sides for shoti!

Beginnings Baby is available at SM Department Stores.
Visit for more details.

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