Still Shopping for the Little Guy [Divisoria Finds]

Last Sunday, my mom, aunt, and I went to 999 and 168 malls. 
Agenda was to buy baby clothes! We scoured the place and most stores that sells basic clothes for babies have almost the same price naman, you can haggle a bit but they only give you a discount of 10 or 20 pesos unless you buy in dozens. They also got gauze diapers, birds eye diaper, rubber mats, diaper bags, layettes, and so much more!

And here's what I bought:
6 short-sleeved tie side shirts for 175 pesos
6 sleevless tie side shirts for 175 pesos
6 PJ's for 180 pesos

6 small gauze handkerchief to be used as burp pads for 100 pesos
3 medium gauze handkerchief to be used as burp pads also for 100 pesos

4 printed PJ's for Y at 65 pesos each
a small night lamp for Y's room for 150 pesos only (no photo)
and 2 vintage shirts for the BOS for 480 pesos each (no photo)

Saw a lot of clothes, shoes and accessories I want to buy but since I'm still pregnant, I'm saving it until after I give birth then go back again! But will probably go back in a week or two to buy more lampins!

Finished our morning shopping with a sumptuous lunch at Singaporean Hainanese Chicken Restaurant in Binondo! Cheap and yummy!


  1. Love Divi! I'm using the gauze handkerchiefs, the toddler's not using them anymore.

  2. My toddler loves her panyo :) I love Divi too!

  3. Wow, backreading a bit and I saw this! I didn't know you can get baby clothes at that price in Divisoria! I need to go there when we get pregnant again. Ang mura! What time or day do you advice shopping there?

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  5. Yes! Only the quality is not that great. Morning is always the best time to shop around 9-10am. :)

  6. I got baby stuffs for my little girl at divi also and way cheaper from the malls. Agree with you not better quality nga lang tlga pero paglalakihan lang naman kase nila. After few months bye baby clothes na.

  7. Wow sis! Napaka mura ng baby clothes na nakuha mo. Where particularly in divi mo sya nabili? Im planning to buy baby clothes na rin kasi, & ang hanap ko is yung affordable pero maganda ang quality.

    1. sa 168, 999 madami. You can also try sa Recto sa side walk. Minsan may mga overruns at really low prices :)