Japanese Carinderia: Suzuki Japanese Food House

BOS has been talking about this Japanese carinderia, Suzuki Japanese Food House, for the past few weeks before we ate there. Two weeks ago, while on our way back from the bed maker, we decided to stop by and check what's the fuss all about.

From what the BOS read from other blogs, the chef is a retired Japanese chef who married a Filipina. He wasn't there when we went there though.

It was a bit hard to find because there's no sign board. I just saw the "menu" hanging outside this carinderia! 
But it's actually on the corner of Hermosa and Clemente Sts! And the landmark is this groto(?). This is in Tondo, by the way.
Here's a photo of the carinderia. This was an impromptu so photos from iPhone only.
The BOS and I were just saying that it's been a long time since we ate and hung out in a carinderia. Mine was from college days pa!

They have a menu hung outside and they also have a laminated menu with pictures.

Here's the kitchen. You can actually see how they prepare the food. I think it's clean naman. Or pikit-mata ka na lang! Hehe.. 
This lovely lady took our order!
We had our food to go and ate it at home. Here's what we ordered:

Mixed Tempura. 2pcs Ebi Tempura and lots of mixed veggie Tempura for Php150. Yummy!!!

Gyoza (5pcs) Php45 and Tonkatsu Php80. The tonkatsu was gooooddd!

Ramen Php80
Everything was good except for the ramen. Ramen tastes like normal noodles, parang lomi. Hehe But sulit na din diba? Our bill was Php345 for everything. It tastes homemade which we liked very much!

We'll definitely go back again!


  1. Yum! Where is this exactly?
    The food looks great and the price is unbeatable. However, I think I will cringe at the sight of the kitchen, hahahaha! At least it made you feel better to be able to see the source of the food. As long as walang ipis, ayos, that's what I say! 

  2. applesanddumplingsMay 25, 2012 at 11:05 PM

    It's in Tondo, Manila near our place.

    Haha, pikit-mata na nga lang ako. Wala naman akong nakitang ipis or daga or any unwanteds. 

  3. nagmahal na siya tska parang kumonti serving nung veggies sa tonkatsu, naging popular kase after ma feature in poptalk ch11 ata un

  4. applesanddumplingsJune 19, 2012 at 9:17 AM

    Cguro but it's still good! A cheaper alternative in eating at those Jap restos in mall :)

  5. Anong oras ang business hour nila during saturdays and sundays?

  6. i saw this on TV before...

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  8. friends, the have been relocated to a new place at Del fierro st. gagalangin tondo. from their old location ride a jeep going to divisoria at ask the driver to drop you off to Del fierro st. from there you may walk going to suzuki hapon.

    here is a google map link