Happy Mother's Day!

May 23, 2012
Supposed to post this on Mother's Day but our DSL broke down.. still posting it!

Two years into motherhood, my husband says I'm great (kisses to BOS!) but I think I'm still a work-in-progress! And in four weeks, I'll be giving birth again. Mommy times two! Can't wait! :)

To my mom, we may not see eye to eye all the time, I may not be big on words, and I know I've been a bad daughter in the past, but you have been there for me no matter what and never gave up on me. I love you, Mommy! Happy Mother's Day!

To my sisters, Happy Mother's Day to us! Can't believe we're all mommies now!
And of course, Happy Mother's Day to every mom, mom-to-be, grandma, and great grandma out there! :)

We'll be spending Mother's Day at our grandaunt's. Hope you'll have a great one too!

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