New LISTERINE(R) Natural Green Tea

Who would have thought that green tea can help fight tooth decay? Listerine did!
Last April 18, I attended the press launch of New LISTERINE® Natural Green Tea. Karen Co, Senior Brand Manager of Listerine gave us an introduction. 
Did you know that tooth decay is the #1 Oral Problem among Filipinos? Yikes! And brushing alone only cleans 25% of your mouth?!

                 Tooth decay is among the top oral problems afflicting Filipinos. Specifically, 92.4% of the Philippine population has experienced that paralyzing tooth ache. Causes of tooth decay vary from case to case, but the root cause can be traced to the accumulation of germs in your mouth that brushing teeth alone may leave behind. To thoroughly remove these germs and prevent tooth decay, dentists recommend following a complete oral care routine, which includes brushing, flossing, and rinsing with a mouthwash.

LISTERINE®, the worldwide leader in mouthwash, proudly presents its latest innovation – New LISTERINE® Natural Green Tea, the first and only mouthwash from LISTERINE® that contains natural green tea extract and two times more fluoride (Versus other fluoride-containing LISTERINE® variants), for a natural way to fight tooth decay.

Nikki Arcilla, Assistant Brand Manager of Listerine, gave a very informative presentation on the main ingredients and what it does to our teeth.
Fluoride and green tea are the two key ingredients to this innovation, both of which help to fight tooth decay. Dentists regularly recommend fluoride to fight tooth decay, due to its proven ability to strengthen enamel. Green tea may have established its popularity on the grounds of bodily health, but LISTERINE® recently discovered that green tea can also help fight tooth decay by killing bacteria and strengthening the teeth.

With these two naturally-inspired ingredients and the long-established efficacy of LISTERINE®, the new LISTERINE® Natural Green Tea works in two ways to fight tooth decay. First, it effectively kills 99.9% of the germs that cause tooth decay. Second, it helps shield teeth to prevent the onset of new tooth decay.

Also present was Dr. Tess Oliveros-Villarico, President of the Philippine Pediatric Dentistry Society Inc., where she talked about the current oral health of Filipinos, which is poor. Philippines has the 2nd highest Decayed/Missing/Filled Teeth (DMFT) in the world.
She also talked about how to take care of our teeth.
Brushing + Flossing + Rinsing = Oral Health
  • 2cm toothpaste – how much toothpaste should we use.
  • 1350 – 1550 ppm F (parts per million Fluoride) – check your toothpaste box if it contains this amount of Fluoride
  • Spit out excess (toothpaste), no rinse
  • 2 minutes (of brushing your teeth)
  • Night flossing
  • Daily 0.5% Fluoride 
Although it looks simple, she said that cleaning our teeth is an art and we should clean our teeth passionately! It makes sense right?!

Although 95 million Filipinos may currently be suffering from tooth decay, fighting it can now be as simple as a twice-a-day 30-second mouth rinse. With the new LISTERINE® Natural Green Tea, Filipinos can start fighting tooth decay the natural way.

I have a phobia, more like trauma, with dentists ever since I was a kid. I hate dentists but I'd rather have healthy oral health than loose all my teeth! Which is why I decided to overcome my fear of dentists this year, I got my braces removed last month, and will go back to my dentist after I give birth. Since I can't have fluoride treatment until then, Listerine would be my friend! Oh, and did you know it's non-alcoholic too? So it can also be used by both adults and kids! (But mommies, always ask your dentist first!)
The new LISTERINE® Natural Green Tea is now available in leading supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores for Php70.25 (80ml) and Php166.50 (250ml).

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