How We Spent My Birthday

Month-late post! More like 1 month and 13 days late haha! Too lazy to upload photos kasi...

I celebrated my 28th birthday last month with a day out with my family. Just us three. I didn't really want anything (material) for my birthday, I told the BOS that I just wanted to know the gender of baby#2, that would be my birthday gift!

We first went to RP Manila, to The Baby Ultrasound Company, to have my 3D ultrasound! We waited for about an hour before our turn. Y got so bored while waiting. She played with wind chimes, my iPhone, took a walk with her papa.

When it was our turn, Y started crying! Tantrums. Ayay. The BOS said Y cried because she saw the sonologist touching my tummy. Aww.. protective daughter! Well, the first thing we saw was the "bird" of baby#2. YES! We're having a baby BOY!!! :) We're still over the moon about it! BOS is happy! I'm happy! I'm excited for Y! Pero ang hirap magisip ng name!

After having my ultrasound, our next stop was Manila Zoo. I've been hearing a lot that it's not so good to go there anymore. It's true! It was so depressing. It was dirty and stinky. Hay... we would have gone to Ark Avilon or Malabon Zoo but we wanted to go around Manila only. Entrance was Php40 each for adults; Php20 for kids. Babies are free. Y was so happy to see an elephant which is the first animal you'll see when you enter the zoo. I've got nothing much to say much about the zoo... Here are some pictures.

Side story: a parrot got away while we were there. It flew to a tree, and the people-in-charge was trying to get it down but it flew away!!! My gulay. I wonder if they got it back or not. Kung hinde, patay sila!
The zebra who has lost is stripes! Wawa!
After our short 20 minutes at the zoo, we're supposed to go to Museo Pambata but it was already closed so we went to our last stop. Logos Hope! The floating bookstore!

We got there around 6pm already. We browsed and bought a few books, ate, and had our pictures taken. Y enjoyed pulling out books, sitting on the floor and flipping through the books!

Then we had snacks! I had ice cream, BOS had milo and popcorn! It's a bit overpriced but what the heck! Para lang ma-experience! Haha!
Y has super tired by then. She slept in the car buti na lang we live near lang. Hubby was supposed to surprise with a dinner at Manila Hotel's Ylang-ylang but knocked out na ang bagets. I had a great birthday! Went home to a home cooked spaghetti and fried chcken! :)

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