17th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta!

Last Sunday, we took Y to see the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark. We were supposed to leave around 3AM, but my alarm didn't "alarm" so we left around 4:30AM instead. There was no traffic in NLEX, just a couple of slow area because of car accidents, other than that it was smooth! Except when we reached Dau Tollway, it was traffic!!! It took us 30 minutes! We took SCTEX, but when we got to Clark, Oh My! It was traffic too!!! So we watched the hot air balloon flight from the car while we're stuck in traffic. The weather was not so good, there were a few balloons that weren't able to took off. But we loved the weather! No sun, windy, just right!
Y still sleeping...
When we got to the entrance, there was so many people!!! But that didn't stopped us from having fun! We took Y to see the different military air crafts and had our pictures taken. We also bought her a pinwheel and a toy hot air balloon which is now hung in our living room.
Dami ng tao!
We lined up to to had our pictures taken with the air crafts. It was a long line! But everywhere you go, there's a line. So might as well just wait.
 Here's Y posing for the camera!
She was so excited! I didn't think she'd like to ride the helicopters, but she did! She loved the big space too. She run around and shrieked wildly that the BOS had to chase her! Ayaw pa magpahawak!
Outfit: Head to Toe - H&M
Father and son.. ay daughter pala! LOL!
We were tired and hungry by the time we finished taking pictures. I was craving for Shakey's that day so we went to SM Clark to have our lunch. No pictures because the little one was very makulit (as she is these days!) plus I was very hungry (me, the official photographer). After eating, we took Y to ride the train and the merry-go-round! It's her first time! BOS took Y to ride the train, while I took Y to ride the horses.
 "Nice to meet you, Train!"
Off they go! Hindi mukhang happy si Y. Haha!
No photos riding the horses kasi andun ako. LOL!

This was our first out of town trip as a family! We should do this more often!!! :) We all had so much fun! Kaya pag sakay sa car...
Borlogs agad ang jugets!
That's all folks!

What we learned? Never go to the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta on a Sunday, it was the last day also so there were lots of families going too. In the next year or two, when baby#2 is big enough, we'll probably go and see the balloons again, on a weekday na! Plus get a media/photographer's pass so we can be close to the balloons!


  1. I can relate to "walang picture kasi nandun ako"! Most of the pictures I have with my baby are close up since I'm holding him and the camera! Ang gaganda tuloy ng pics nila ni daddy!

  2. I can relate with 'no photos kasi nandun ako'! Ang gaganda tuloy ng pictures ng daddy and baby always!