Y's Birthday Series: Arts N' Faces

Yes, almost four months later and I'm still not yet done with Y's party series! Hopefully I'll get to finish posting by this week!

At first, I didn't want any additional entertainment besides a host/magician/entertainer but when I chatted with a friend and she mentioned the entertainment she was getting, I thought why not add a face painter?! Both kids and adults can enjoy! I read up on forums on who's good and mostly recommended by moms but also budget friendly. Then I read about Arts N' Faces which offers discounted prices on their packages. I got the Php1,750 package which is good for two hours of face painting and glitter tattoo. Check their site on how to reserve a date thru text. They also require a 50% down payment.

The artist arrive early at the party. It was a guy, I should have requested for a lady artist because I didn't really like how the guy looks, not kid-friendly. He wears those earrings with a hole in the middle, basta. But he's good and friendly, still lesson learned! All of the materials they used are hypoallergenic, very safe for kids! Most of the kids got to have their arms or hands painted. I myself got a flower painted on my hands!

The service was sulit. I didn't hear any complains on getting any allergies after the party. I super recommend them!

Check their site: Arts N' Faces


  1. Thanks for the recommendation!  I am actually scouting for one for my daughter's 1st birthday :-)