Setting Goals For This Year!

I don't really make New Year's resolutions, because I never do them. So instead, I'm setting goals for this year!

1. Cook more this year!

I'm no cook. I try the best that I can. This year, I want to learn and cook more recipes. Use my crock pot more and buy an oven! Most of the recipes I want to try needs baking, so hopefully this year, I get to do that.

2. Fix the kids' room.

I'll be giving birth to Baby#2 on June or July. As early as now, I want to make a plan on how to fix the kids' room, if we need to buy a bed for Y. The room is currently a play room for Y, it's not a big room but we have to add a few things here and there. We need to buy another closet or drawers for the new baby's clothes, an air con, put up some shades... and I really want to repaint the crib but I don't know if I have the time. and I want to buy a table and chair set for Y! Oh my, ang dami!

3. Get back into photography.

At least make time for my old hobby. Use my film camera again or at least some of my lomo cameras. They are just gathering dust at my parents' house. This weekend, for my shobe's wedding, I'm hoping to use some of my cameras. I also want to see Y in film!

4. Put up a small business.

The BOS and I have been discussing and scouting products that we can sell. Everything is still half-baked. Hopefully we'll be able to start something this year! Working-at-home is the dream!

Keeping it short! Making a long list would just make it unreal. Hope I can accomplish everything in this list!