I'm on Bed Rest!

Here's the not so good news from my ultrasound... I have subchronic hemorrhage. Boo! I didn't have this with my first pregnancy. My OB has advised me to bed rest for a week, take meds, and hopefully on my next checkup, I'll be hemorrhage-free!

This sucks. I don't think I can rest well at home when you have a very cute toddler who wants to be carried, played with, all the time. :( But I also have to think about baby#2, I've been feeling tired the past few days. I need the rest. Though not a good timing with my work as I was about to start doing QA for another client. I'm glad that my supervisors were understanding and didn't make me take home any work! WHEW!

So now I'm off to download TV series for that one week of bed rest!


  1. get a lot of rest! i had that too with tala. you'll be fine. 

  2. thanks aimee!