Hong Kong Series: FOOD! Part 2

Let's continue the food porn, shall we?!

Hui Lau Shan [许留山]
If you're going to Hong Kong, you must try this dessert shop! Again, THIS IS A MUST TRY! This is a famous chain dessert shop, you can see Hui Lau Shan all over Hong Kong. It's not hard to spot, they got a big red sign with gold characters! We had one here in Manila, but I think it closed down already.

I always order the Mangoes in Mango Shake and Coconut Milk with Black Glutinous Rice! They also have fruit platters, other mango desserts, coconut desserts, and more! We ate there twice. If I could, I'd have a bowl after each meal, but sadly I didn't! :( Patay-gutom lang ang peg. Haha! Shoti had Mango Sago with sticky rice balls while my aunt had a bowl of red bean soup with black glutinous rice. They have hot and cold desserts and drinks too!

You can ask for a menu in English

Look for this sign!
Do you know the mangoes they use are from the Philippines? :) They even have a 9-course of mango dessert meal!
Photos from here
Tip: Ask for a menu in English. The ones on their table is in Chinese.
Visit their site here.

For list of branches, click here.
*Their site is in Chinese

Golden Dynasty Seafood RestaurantIt was my first time to eat here. We had dimsum! Our trip is never complete without having dimsum with our aunt who lives in Hong Kong. We ordered a lot! My all-time favorite is the beef balls! The rice rolls were good! Everything was good actually! Yumyumyum!
Beef Balls
Shrimp Rice Rolls
1/F, Roca Centre,
460-470 King's Road,
North Point , Hong Kong

Tsui Wah Restaurant [翠華餐廳]
Tsui Wah is a classic Hong Kong cafe. This is also a must try! This place is always packed and is open 24 hours! Twice that we ate there, we had to wait for awhile for a table. Their food is good, serving is great, you can't go wrong with anything you order. We ate there twice, dinner on the 3rd night and breakfast on our last day! They got Chinese food, pasta, steak, Japanese food and so many more - all with a Hong Kong style twist to it! Click here to see their Top 10 dishes.

Taking our orders! Hi-tech!
Busy night!

Here's what we had for dinner:
And our Hong Kong style breakfast:
Tsui Wah Restaurant
G/F 483-499 Jaffe Road,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
For list of other branches, click here.

Tip: When you eat in Hong Kong, you have to bring the order sheet/paper to the cashier and pay. It's not like here in Manila where we call the waiter for the bill.

Other food I always buy or eat!Kowloon Dairy Milk and Maxim's bread! Maxim's breads are always fresh, they are buttery and soft! Just the way I like it.

Hong Kong's Yakult! It's way better than our local Yakult plus it's bigger and it also comes with a less-sugar variety!

Kowloon Dairy Milk and Yakulit are available in all groceries.
Maxim's branch list here.

All these food talk made me hungry! I have one more last post for my Hong Kong Mini Series coming up!

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