Hong Kong: Day 3

Day 3 was shopping day! But first before doing our shopping, we went to visit another relative. My mom and aunt went to the doctor early in the morning, while me and my shoti went to see them after. We had to bring two luggage with us so we took the taxi going to North Point.
After dropping off the luggage to our relative's house, we went to have dimsum! Yay!
After eating, we went to the post office to get some forms for the tax refund thing. Their post office looks so nice and mukhang efficient ang postal system!
After that, we went to pick up mom's and aunt's Chinese meds. Then went around North Point. Shopped a bit in Hang Ten and Giordano and we got pretty good deals on clothes. We didn't went to Bossini anymore because shoti needs to go to the bathroom! We went back to our relative's house to pick up the luggage we left which was now filled with ten cans of Ensure Gold, then rode the tram back to our hotel.
We rested for awhile then me and shoti went out ahead of my mom to check out skate shops (I will do a separate post!) near our hotel. After buying Gong Cha and checking out the skate shops, off to Central we go to visit the mother ship a.k.a. H&M! Wuhoooo! No more photos anymore because I'm focused on buying hahaha! Spent a two hours in there, bought alot for Y, some for me and the BOS.

After shopping, I went back to the hotel, shoti went to TST to check out another skate shop, mom and aunt went back to North Point to pick up another batch of meds. We all met up in the hotel. It was dinner time na but we want to make most of our stay SO we went to SOGO to buy my achi's bilin: buy her maternity stockings! While mom checked the stockings, I went to the baby section.

After SOGO, we finally had dinner at Tsui Wah. Then dessert again at Hui Lao Shan!
End of Day 3!

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