Let's take a pause from my Hong Kong posts, shall we?

Ever since after giving birth to Y, all my clothes won't fit anymore, I went a size up, and sadly I lost interest in dressing up and fashion all together (spell: LOSYANG!!!). But after realizing I'm not going back to my pre-pregnancy weight and figure anytime soon, I "have" to somehow accept my current fuller figure. I'm starting to build my wardrobe again, trying avoiding "mommy" clothes, and looking for clothes that compliments me. 
What weird is that now that I am a mom, I found my new love for SHOES and BAGS (Articles of clothing that doesn't define my size now LOL)!

I've been checking out Chicify for months now. I would love to buy me some stuff from their site! My wishlist is becoming a long one... Here are my picks! And I hope I get to buy them one by one soon!

Have you checked Chicify yet? Check their site now and get Chicified!

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