Snippets from Y's Party

A day after Y's party and I'm not feeling well.. headache and body ache. Post-party stress?!

Yesterday was a tiring but fun day. It was Y's Christening and Birthday party in one! She cried almost all the time in the church. Maybe because of the closed space and unfamiliar faces (her ninongs and ninangs). But at the party, she was fine. Happy and giddy!

I don't have the "official pictures" yet. Maybe in two to three days I'll be able to post some and blog about supplier's ratings. (I have a story to tell! Problems with the decorator at 11PM before the day of the party!)

Here are some snippets from Y's party!
Thank you to all the people who came! Family, friends, ninongs and ninangs! Y had a blast! :) More pictures to come! :D

Y opening her gifts last night (with help of mommy)!
What to open first?
Texting Ninang G for the very big gift!
Thank you again! :) 


  1. Haha! Love you too Ninang! 

  2. Yes we should! Soon! :)

  3. aba marunong na magtext si Y! love you Y!! :)

  4. Y is so cute!!! We should have a playdate sometime.