One Month To Go.. One Year Ago..

I can't help but feel nostalgic and reminisce that one year ago, we were still living in a condo, I was pregnant with Y, I was busy buying things for the little unborn Y, had a maternity photo shoot and now she's eleven months turning one year old next month. Hay... how time flies!

And now three weeks into her birthday, with all the party preparations, I'm stressed. Well, not really. Just a bit. We got the invitations, cupcake labels, giveaway labels, some prizes.. Acckkk! This doesn't feels like a small party. Haha.. well, we invited just family and friends only. But we also got a host, face painting activity, dessert table (which I'm excited about!), nice decors, the whole shebang! Waahhh... I'm really excited!

With all these things happening, life has never been good! Y added so much life and happiness to our marriage, our family, and to our home! Love you, Y! Looking forward to more adventures and mishaps!

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