HK Loot: Milk Tea, Mother Love, Eye Drops, and H&M

I've been busy the last two weeks doing this super detailed report. What took me so long was adjusting the lines and spaces... But I won't dwell into that! Let me blog about something light and shallow.. LOL!

My mom and sister went on a four-day vacation in Hong Kong last week. Two things I asked them to buy for me were Lipton Milk Tea (addict kasi!) and my eye drops and to look for shoes for Y.

Last Sunday we had lunch at Amma's house and after lunch my mom said she bought something for us so we went to my parent's house so I could get our pasalubong! Yay!

Clothes for Y! All from H&M and they were on sale! Thanks Gwama and A-e!
Clothes for me and BOS!
AND... Lipton Milk Tea, eye drops (will do a separate post for this), and Mother Love,,,. My mom bought the Motherlove for me, it's much more expensive in HK! Still,Thanks mom!

I'm so happy with our HK loot! Sabi ko sayo, shallow eh.. LOL!