Finding My Passion... AGAIN

Note before reading: This might be a boring post as I'm going to talk about myself. Skip this post if you don't want to get bored by me or my job.

I think I'm having a mid-life career crisis. YES you read that right.
I want to be a stay-at-home mom, I want to have my own business, I want to do what I love.. that means finding my passion.. AGAIN.

I used to have/own a multiply store, a very successful one at that, maybe five years ago. I was selling clothes, shoes, accessories. Then I got a job, I was a fresh graduate. Thinking that I should put my degree into use, I took the job, I stopped selling. I had no time to restock, work took over my online shop.

Five years and two jobs later, here I am. Many times I was asked during job interviews, how do I see myself in five years. None of my answers I am now. Maybe it's a sign for me to move on to better things.  I missed having an online shop. I miss being my own boss. I gained friends from shoppers/buyers. I miss being busy taking pictures, packing stuff for shipping. Yes I was happy doing those. Maybe I missed being busy running around, buying stuff to sell... Maybe I'm bored sitting down for nine hours in front of a monitor doing this programming/debugging/testing stuff. I feel my brain cells are dying from my work.

Photography is one of my passions too. Got it from my dad. I take good portraits. I considered going professional but I lost that passion too. I still like taking pictures, I hope I find my way back to photography.

So here I am, finding my passion again. Rone's Brand Me Talk got me into thinking. If I want to be my own boss, I have to start right now. I've got so many ideas that I want to work on. But everyday when I got home from work, I just want to rest my brain and my body. I want to free myself from that.

Mid-life crisis, itdatchu?


  1. Hi Martine! Thanks for the words. I hope I'll gain the "guts" to pursue my passion again. I need that confidence back!

    Hope to meet you soon!

  2. Hi! This is my first time to comment here, Cai. Too bad I didn't meet you personally last Saturday :(

    I can understand what you mean about having the energy to pursue what you love. Part of the reason why I started freelancing was so I could focus on my writing. It's been great so far! I have time too for my home education advocacy. 

    Let me tell you though: It's not easy though, when you are freelancing and pursuing your passion. But it is fulfilling! 

    Martine :)

  3. I will try again this time :) Hopefully I can manage.  My job takes so much of my time, I want to pursue din a LOT of things. Sana magawa! 

  4. can you not do your online shop with your job? i know what you mean! also in an 8-5 job and sometimes i just want more time to pursue other things (which do not make money!)