3-Week Challenge and Dilemma

Why three-week challenge? It's not a blog challenge.

Our long time helper will be going home to province for three weeks after not going for three years. My challenge? How will I be able to cook dinner every night after I get home? Baka 10PM na kami kumain non! I still don't know how will I schedule everything! Shall I cook in the morning? or at night?

Another worry of mine is Y and her yaya will be left alone in the house. Yes, I have a nanny cam but I'm still not calm about this situation. What will yaya eat during lunch? Eat canned goods? Kawawa naman. I know it's convenient but it's not healthy.

Should I just bring Y to work with me? This would be convenient but I have long work hours! Y needs to nap at least twice. She sleeps around 630PM and around that time I'm still at the office. And I don't think she can sleep here in the office. Too many people, too many sight for her to see. I don't think I'll be able to work. She has separation anxiety and wants me around her all the time.

What would I cook for that three weeks? I only get to cook on weekends. And I don't know many dishes. Simple ones lang. And I don't know how to chop a chicken. LOL!

Oh I don't know! Our labandera is going home too! I need to find a decent laundry service near our house!

It's not easy to be a mommy/wife/homemaker! ayayaya.. Challenge starts tomorrow!

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