Frustrations and Stressed-ations!!!

I wrote this post yesterday morning..

It's Monday again! Usually on Mondays, I'm lazy to work. Added to that, I'm a bit frustrated and stressed. Monday na Monday, stressed agad!
I drive to work everyday. I have been driving since college but only started driving everyday when I started working in 2007.
First, For a 45-minute drive to Makati or a 20-minute drive to U.N. Avenue, the most stressful traffic is in Binondo, Manila! The intersection of Recto and Abad Santos going to Reina Regente where 168 Mall is is driving me crazy everyday most especially when I go home at night!!! With the footbridge construction, pedestrians crossing, and freakin' jeeps! Ughhh... Why do people don't follow proper traffic rules and regulation? They just cross the street without looking! I just hope that the new footbridge would be effective and people would actually climb up and use it! Grrrr...
Second, parking space! My previous job provided parking space for employees who drives. If not, there's a pay parking that costs Php70 for the whole day. In my current job, our building has a parking lot, a valet parking that charges freakin' Php130 for a whole day's parking! It's burning a big whole in my pocket! Sometimes I park outside our building for Php50 a day. Cheaper right? The parking attendant/MTPB used to reserve a slot for me, but the past few weeks, he's not. Hay.. Now, I'm thinking of just commuting. I can save a lot by doing that but I lug around three bags a day: my bag, my cooler, my canvas bags that has my pump, lunch, and water jug. See what I mean? I can't ride a jeep, climb up, and ride the LRT with my bagS.
Third, I'm starting to not like my job. I want to quit my job but just can't quit yet. Dreams of becoming a stay-at-home mom is still quite far... How I wish it's sooner. I miss my baby when I'm at work. And so I won't have to worry about my expressed milk is enough for Y for the day..

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