My 7-Month Old Little Tigress

Y is turning seven months tomorrow! How time REALLY flies so fast. Last year this time, I was four months pregnant. Now, she's this little tigress who rule our jungle.
She has now ate carrots, sayote, sweet potatoes, and potatoes. Next week will be squash! She'll now eat twice a day and then we'll start fruits. She's very active now, she starting to crawl, she stands when she can hold onto something, she can sit without support, she babbles a lot, smiles and laughs to people she knows! She only cries when she's not familiar with a place or a person.
She's on a I-only-want-mommy phase, I love it but it's heartbreaking to leave her every morning before going to work.

I'm in the process of planning her birthday/baptismal. I've been talking to suppliers and looking for themes in the internet. I'm going crazy! It's still 5 months away, but I want to plan early so I won't rush. I haven't started anything yet but I'm stressed about it already. Hope to finalize something this week!

Y turning seven months is also a milestone for me! Exclusively breastfeeding and pumping for seven months now and still going and no planning of weaning yet! Never been so proud of myself! Yey!

Happy Seven Months, Y! Don't grow up so fast! :D Papa and Mommy loves you!


  1. Play date!!! :) Y loves her Mr. Sun! Hope to meet Vito soon!

  2. Congratulations, Y! You and Vito should meet! =) Play date!!!

    P.S. Aha, I see Mr. Sun!