BOS's Birthday!

BOS's (The husband, to those who are new to my blog) birthday is three two days away. I haven't bought his gift yet. He's the type of person who doesn't ask for anything. Well, he asked for a baby boy. Haha! But that is not happening! BOS, let's wait two years before trying again. OK? Hehe! So I have to think of a gift he'll appreciate. I already have something in mind, but I won't reveal because he reads this blog! Bleh :p I'm going gift shopping ha, BOS.
I plan to have spaghetti and fried chicken cooked by our helper. I'm cooking Seafood Laksa for him. It's been awhile since I cooked, so this will be fun! I already bought squid, shrimp, and fishballs. I have crabstick in the freezer. I just have to call my mom for her recipe. My brother claims it's good. Better than Tao Yuan's Singaporean Laksa version, which the BOS and I like. I hope I can replicate!
I'll post the recipe when I cooked it successfully!

Advance Happy Birthday, BOS! Y and I love you to bits!

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