So Little Time... High Chair x Booster Seat Dilemma

There's so many things I need to do, want/need to buy but I don't know where to start! Y started eating solids, but we don't have a high chair yet. I'm contemplating to buy just a booster seat or a high chair! I've been scouting since last month. We don't have much selections here in Manila. And if there's anything I like, it's twice or triple the price (basing on the prices on Amazon US)!!! It's insane! That's the reason why I bought my sterilizer and breast pump in the US and have it shipped here in a balikbayan box.

Ok, going back to high chairs and booster seat. As I have said, there only a few to choose from. I have gone to SM's Baby Company and Robinson's Department Store, it's frustrating! I haven't checked Rustan's yet.
Cute Dots Design. I saw this in Amazon. $109. Not bad!
I saw this in SM! Cute! I think it was around 11k! Mahal.
Other brands I saw were Chicco, Safety 1st, Looney Toons. Walang pumasa sakin, in terms of design and sturdiness. Graco lang! Then I opted for a booster seat. So that I can bring it anywhere, lightweight, and space saver. Same thing with high chairs! Expensive and not much choices!

I'm choosing between these three:
Here in SM, it's around 3k. I like this because the tray is bigger than Safety 1st's. But it's pure plastic, no cushion.

Safety 1st Recline and Grow 5 Stage Booster Seat $39.99
Here, this is also 3k. I like this because if the cushioned back, but the seat is not.
Here this is 2.5k. From the three, I like this the most. Cushioned seats for extra comfort. But the tray is small!

And from what I read on the reviews in Amazon, both the Safety 1st booster seats are not good. I'm thinking twice na tuloy to buy or not to buy the booster seat! My only worry if I buy the high chair is pano kung ayaw umupo ni Y ng matagal sa high chair? Edi nasayang... But if I buy a booster chair, hindi masakit sa bulsa!

Decisions, decisions... 


  1. I was given a lovely high chair. It recline, you could rock your baby to sleep, it played music, the trays came in different sizes and were easy to detach to clean. But high chairs are so expensive and bulky. If I had to buy one I would have bought the Ikea Antilop. I've used it in restaurants and it is the perfect size.

  2. I had the same problem before, yung highchair na gusto ko super mahal. And I was worried baka ayaw umupo Ni baby. We ended buying a cheap one at the Grand Baby Fair, supposedly pang testing lang. Pero turned out we don't need a nicer, more expensive one.

    As with everything else, sanayan Lang. At first baka ayaw ni baby umupo, you just have to be patient and consistent that she needs to sit down in the highchair during mealtime. :)

  3. I'm so happy with the high chair! :)

  4. Super delayed reply since you already found your perfect chair! You were right the Ikea chair cannot be folded. I love the one you got!

  5. @Rone, I've also considered Ikea's high chair. My problem with it is I don't think it can be folded. Can it?

    @G.A.D., yun nga eh. If I buy an expensive one baka it won't be worth it. But yeah sanayan nga siguro lang yan. I sat her down sa high chair kanina, she didn't complain naman. :)

  6. Nice booster seat, my baby will need this after few more months ^^