Stroller talk, Mommies!

We're taking Y soon out so it was also time for me to go get a stroller for her. The B.O.S. like the Quinny Buzz, we were set on that even before Y was born. The Buzz is bulky and heavy, talking about 15 kilos and it's freakin' expensive! We used to lived in a condo with an elevator, so it was ok then. But now that we moved to our new place, fourth floor with no elevator, good luck sa pagbuhat ng 15 kilos! LOL. I also have to consider the size when it's folded, if it can fit the trunk of a car. Buzz is not really ideal for us so sorry, B.O.S.! No Buzz for us! I was planning to get it from the US, buy it in Amazon and have it shipped via Forex. I've seen moms pushing this stroller and they look so angas! Haha.. Well, no angas for me. Buzz = E-X-P-E-N-S-I-V-E!

Then I met Combi. I saw Combi Miracle Turn at Daphne's blog, I read that it was easy to maneuver, lightweight, and the handles are reversible. Unlike the Buzz where you have to reverse the seat so that the baby can face me. It's less expensive than the Buzz, it's a Japanese brand. Though it's made in China. (Ain't all?) I was supposed to get the Combi Miracle Turn DX, the newer model, last January but they were all out of stock at all Hobbes and Landes and Rustan's. This is not available in SM. The SA from Hobbes and Landes said he will text me if it ever became available again. I got a text but it was the Miracle Turn lang, ayaw ko! There are only two colors. It's either of the two lang. It's only 6.35 kilos! Perfect sana kaso walang stock! Hindi na ako umasa. Not meant to be.
Emerald Green
Amethyst Purple
I was supposed to get this color.
When I went to the SM Grand Baby Fair last January, there was an Aprica booth. I only saw Aprica in Rustan's and Youji & Me in GB5. Not much selection so I was surprised to see there was Aprica at the fair plus it has quite a selection of strollers, carriers and car seats. My eyes zoomed in to this cute polka-dotted stroller. Love at first sight! I love everything. I was thinking of buying it na but held back, it was on 10% off plus a free Avent Blender I think.. (They are distributed by the same company that distributes Avent in the Philippines, if I'm not mistaken) Ughh,, thinking about it, wish I bought it na back then.

Aprica Laura Co Co Chi
It looks similar to the Miracle Turn DX noh?
Fast forward two weeks ago, we were in SM Makati shopping kitchen and bathroom stuff. We passed by Baby Company because I was also looking for a booster seat for Y. Then we saw the Aprica strollers! I told my mom that that was what I saw during the fair. I asked the SA if they have the polka-dotted one, they did! I still held back, because the kurips in me wants to check out if I can buy this in the US para cheaper. No luck. I can't find it in Amazon. The websites I mostly checked out were from Singapore, Thailand or Australia. Maybe the stroller is for Asian market only. Anyways, my mom said to buy it na. And we did! :) It's lighter pa than the Combi, it's 6.1 kilos lang. The handles are also reversible, I like the sun-shade, it's easy to maneuver! It has two other colors but I really really like the one we bought.

The stroller is still in its box haha. Can't wait to bust it out for Y to use it. I hope it's soon! She'll be six months next week! Y's stroller is adorbs! Just like her!


  1. The Aprica stroller you got is super nice! It's new lang diba? I remember not seeing it during my stroller hunting last year.

    I love the huge canopy of your Aprica! The buzz that I have has a walang kwentang canopy. I know they improved it on the 2011 version (we only have the 2009 and 2010 versions here in the Philippines).

    The weight and size of yours is great too! My buzz is bulky. I'm thankful that my hubby switched cars with me. I'm driving his SUV now where the stroller takes 80% of the trunk space. It doesn't fit in my Hyundai Matrix. Super kakainis when I first tried to fit it in there. I was hauling a heavy thing at the backseat while my daughter was crying in her carseat na nakalagay na sa front passenger seat kasi wala nang space sa back. Super hassle, believe me.

    The buzz is very durable though. My hubby and I love that it can go through different terrains in a breeze (took it to the beach last december!) and that it "pops open" - very convenient for a me who doesn't have a yaya to help me unfold the stroller :)

    I remember we were checking the Aprica line during itss launch recently. We loved them! Syempre we can't buy the strollers anymore kasi meron na kami but we're contemplating the car seat (the one we have now is for until 9mos lang ata).

    I hope to see you soon Apples & Dumplings! Bring your baby to the next breastfeeding class! She's so adorable! :)

  2. Super nice talaga! (Biased na hehe) Yup it's new lang! I love the canopy too, and if you're baby is fully covered, may parang zipper where you can open para pwede makita yun baby. Mahirap lng i-maneuver when it's rear-facing.

    You know what, matagal din namin pinagisipan yun Buzz. The pop-opening itself, napa-wow kami. But it's not practical for us. The Aprica I got. it's easy to unfold. One hand lang, I can do it while carrying Y :)

    I heard Aprica's car seat are good daw. :)

    I hope I can bring Y to the next breastfeeding class. :) Thanks!!!! :D