Not So ME Time!

Long overdue entry...

I haven't had a ME time ever since I gave birth, ME time means me doing stuff ALONE like getting a pedicure, eating by myself, or shopping alone. I love spending time with Y, don't get me wrong! But I also sometimes need a breather.

Last Saturday, I had a not so me time. But pwede na din LOL! I went to the SM Grand Baby Fair. Since I live in the north area, I left the house extra early cause traveling time from my house to SM Megamall is about an hour. I'm supposed to leave around 9AM but Y woke up early, I gave her a bath, fed her, ate my breakfast and I left at around 10AM.

Yes, I live somewhere where the PNR passes.

My Marc Jabobs Bag, Igloo Cooler Bag, Mommy Treats, and Iphone
Megamall, at last!
I got to Megamall pass 11AM. No traffic! That's fast considering where I live. I pumped milk first before I went inside the mall. Not my favorite thing to do when I'm out but I need to! TMI sorry.

Here's my experience at the SM Grand Baby Fair. I got there early enough so there was not much shoppers yet. There's so much stuff! I didn't know where to start! The marked down prices are hard to resist. I saw this Pigeon Sippy Cup that's 50% off, I was so tempted to buy, my cart was even full by the time I got to the check out counters but I had to hold myself because Y doesn't need it yet and I was shopping on a budget. I also had the pleasure of meeting the owners of Mamaway and Next9 and Jenny of Fabnaima.


Avent Booth 

I bought their Jar of Hope and Jar of Love!
More freebies!

By the time I finished checking out all the booths and made my way to the check out counter, the line was SO LOONNGGG... but it was moving so I didn't really mind. Well I did mind pala cause I was hungry na! I edited my cart at the counter, then paid for my stuff.

Chaos at the cashier!
I got a swag bag plus I also got my Mom card! Happy me! But also hungry me! I haven't been to SM Megamall for a long time so I didn't know where to eat. So, I just went to The Atrium and decided to eat at Brother's Burger! Burgers were cooked as you order so I had wait!

This was my lunch. Delicious! Wanna go back again soon!
Since I was already in Megamall, I had to drop by Forever21! The Baby Fair was an excuse, Forever21 talaga ang pakay ko sa Megamall. LOL! Joke lang. Baby Fair talaga purpose ko. I didn't get to try anything because I was in a hurry and I got so overwhelmed with so much stuff I just had to leave. Haha! I spotted a nice oxfords though. I shall return soon! Before I left, I bought Bubble Tea for the BOS and me. Royal Milk Tea for the both of us.

Bubble Tea!

I was supposed to drink it at home with BOS but I can't wait na. LOL!
So, I had it in the car.
Before I end this post, this was my loot last Saturday at the Baby Fair.

Next9's Tushy Wushy Cloth Diapers, Mamaway Bra, Indigo Baby Jar of Hope and Jar of Love, Pigeon Nipples plus the Baby Fair Swag Bag!
What's inside the swag bag? From what I remember: Ceelin Drops, Avent Breast Pads, Pigeon Breast Pads, kiddie Magazine, Lactacyd Baby plus a rubber ducky, Playtex Drop-ins, Cetaphil sample, and a lot more!

And what I wore that day!

Black Oversize Shirt - Heather Miss Grey; Leggings - H&M; Oxfords - Cole Vintage; Bag - Marc Jacobs
Now, back to moving day. Happy Wednesday!


  1. hi apples! it was great meeting you at the baby fair :D and i had lunch with my sister at Bubble Tea!!! :D

  2. It was nice meeting you too, Jenny! :) Was the food good at Bubble Tea?

  3. yep ok naman.. cheaper version of UCC :D