For you all Starbucks fans, lovers, and/or addicts, Starbucks (US only) now will have a new drink size option! The largest size ever, the 31 oz. Trenta!

Starbucks Overload!
Photo from fitperez

"The Trenta, which is 11 ounces larger than the Venti, will be available for iced coffee, iced tea and iced tea lemonade drinks in the US. And it will cost 50 cents more than their previously largest size! "

I personally can't finish a Venti-size drink, so I wouldn't get a Trenta-size drink if it ever becomes available here in the Philippines. But it would be perfect for sharing! Don't you think?

For all you Starbucks drinker, would you want your favorite drink in a Trenta size?

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