A&D's Baguio Break Part 2: Wright Park, Happy Tummy, Mines View Park, Good Shepherd, Cafe By The Ruins

On our second day, we took the kids to Wright Park. What's a Baguio trip without a horseback ride, right? It was R's first time to ride a horse. The last time we went to Baguio, R was just 15 months old! Now he was able ride with his papa and oh boy he was so happy!
We originally planned to ride for half an hour (Php300) only but decided to try the one hour (Php450) tour. They used to take your around Wright Park even if it's just for half an hour but they don't allow it anymore, they just go around the lot in front of the park. So we opted for the one hour for a more "scenic" ride.
Y and I after the one hour ride! Kids loved every minute of it!
And here they were getting a taste of strawberry taho after their horseback ride.
Oh and succulents in Baguio are cheap! Sayang I didn't get to buy though. :(
And weather was always great! It's always sunny in the morning, drizzles in the afternoon and rains sometimes in the evening. It made our stay in Baguio perfect!

For lunch, we had Thai at Happy Tummy in Ketchup: The Food Community. We weren't able to eat here last time because it was closed but it I found out that they don't close on Mondays anymore! So yay! We've tried the other restaurants in Ketchup: The Food Community before (read our Ketchup: The Food Community experience in 2013 here) so we didn't cross order anymore.
Off peak season are the best!
Tom Yum Goong
Bagoong Rice but didn't taste any bagoong there. Just order plain rice na lang.
Red Chicken Curry. This was good and the saving grace to the bagoong rice. Hehe!
Chicken Pandan with Rice for the kids.
Left: Mango with Sticky Rice - too sweet and no hint of coconut cream.
Right: Thai Iced Tea - second best thing next to the curry!

If you are going to eat at Ketchup Community and order at Happy Tummy, just order the Red Chicken Curry and Thai Iced Tea and cross order to other restaurants like Canto. After eating, we headed to our next destination, Mines View Park. The last time I was there was maybe eight years ago and it has changed so much!
You can actually buy your pasalubongs here. Daming vendors!
View from the viewing deck. It was cloudy but hot!

Picture picture muna! :)
And they took photos with the St. Bernards. Php10 for 2 shots.

We went around the stalls that sells pasalubong just outside Mines View. I wanted to buy pasalubongs already so I don't have to rush on our last day. I was going to buy at one of the stalls then I remembered Good Shepherd is just nearby so we walked (but we should have just drove the car kasi paakyat! Hiningal ako mga teh! BOS went back to get our car and parked it at Good Shepherd na lang).
I didn't had the chance to take photos  because the camera was with BOS when I was buying peanut butter, ube jam, and peanut brittle. Strawberry Jam was out of stock!
They also have a store that sells all organic products and arts and crafts.

It rained by the time we were done so we headed back to La Casa Bianca because R and Y were both tired and fell asleep in the car. We waited for R to wake up before going out again for dinner. And this time it's at my all-time favorite Cafe By The Ruins. We were planning to eat at Cafe By The Ruins Dua but it's not the same without the ambience so we went the original one.
I haven't tried their other breads except the Camote Bread. You can also buy their breads at the Cafe By The Ruins Dua.
Ruins Coffee, my must when I eat here.
Camote Bread with Kesong Puti and Basil!
The kids shared a bowl of their Duck Noodle Soup. The broth was rich and it was perfect for the chilly night!
I had the Three Mushroom Crepe in cream sauce. It was so good! Heavy and rich just the way I like it.
BOS ordered the Beef Ribs Sinigang! This was also good and good for sharing!

As always, we enjoyed our meal at Cafe By The Ruins. Next time we should go there for breakfast! The challenge is how to wake your husband up early for breakfast hehe! And also try Cafe By The Ruins Dua! Four days in Baguio was not enough to eat at all the places you want to eat!

Ketchup: The Food Community

Cafe By The Ruins

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