North Adventure 2013: Fortune Tarlac and Cafe By The Ruins

This is obviously a very late post. Trying to get my blogging groove back!

I booked our hotel around end of May. We wanted to stay at The Manor and they always have a promo during the rainy season. Room rates were at 40% off (we love great discounts!) and I picked a one-room suite with a garden view. 

We were supposed to go on Y's birthday but we all got sick. Yes all of us! I had to rebook TWICE!  And what I love about The Manor is they don't charge at all for rebooking our room. We ended up going around the end of September.

We all woke up early. Planned to leave at 8AM but we left Manila around 10AM. Hehe! What's new with our family? We stopped by Tarlac to visit G and C and had lunch Fortune!

It's always nice to see the kiddos together! It was a short and sweet visit. After chatting a bit, we left Tarlac and head on to Baguio!

It was foggy on the way up. Y was asleep sayang. But R was awake and enjoying the drive!
The always eating R
We had to drive slow. There was low visibility. We followed this bus as our guide.

We arrived to a rainy Baguio. It was around 5Pm or 6PM. We got lost as first and had to open my Google Map app on  my phone! Hihi. Check in was breezy and the kids loved our room!
We loved our big bed!

We freshened up and kids had a change of clothes before we head out to dinner because it was cold! 
OOTD: Cotton On Shirt, Zara Skirt, Uniqlo Leggings, H&M Hello Kitty Hi-Cut Chucks

Our first meal at Baguio was at Cafe By The Ruins. It is my non-negotiable for this trip. The place has changed so much even the menu but I still loved the place. There seems to be charm to this place I cannot resist.
We ate so much!
Ernie's Kamote Bread with Kesong Puti and Basil. This was so good! 
This is how you eat it!
Chicken Binakol to warm us up!
Shrimp and Mango Curry - this was also good!
Baguio Bagnet. First time to try bagnet. It was OK.
I forgot what this is called!
We also had sinigang!
My favorite part: coffee!
Suman at Tsokolate!
We had a great dinner. Good thing the rain stopped when we were about to go back to the hotel. I wished I bought their breads before we went back to Manila but sadly I forgot. But I'm sure we will be back to Baguio soon! :)

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