Our Pre-Father's Day Staycation at New World Makati Hotel

Happy Father's Day to all dads, papas, uncles, lolos and single mothers out there! We celebrated Father's Day at home with a simple lunch and went out to do grocery with the kids. How was yours? New World Makati Hotel treated us to an early Father's Day celebration two weekends ago. It was our last hurrah before school starts. 
Love New World Makati's lobby. The kids actually enjoyed the big space, they ran around like giggling ducks hehe!
We stayed in a Superior Room with a view of the city. And before I could take proper photos of our room, the kids invaded the bed! Hotel beds are always inviting that it's always the first target of the kids! Heehee!
3 seconds before the kids jumped into the bed.
I requested for a king-sized bed so the four of us can all fit on the bed.
In front of the bed was a work desk and TV.
The corner sofa where BOS spent most of his time watching anime on his iPad. Yay for the complimentary internet access (wired or wireless).
The usuals, a safe and mini bar. Robes, iron, and umbrella at our perusal. I like the umbrella touch. It actually rained on our way back to the hotel from Greenbelt and I didn't notice there was one in our room.
Marble bathroom which has a walk-in bathroom and a bathtub which the kids were so excited about!

And as always, swimming is always every staycation's agenda. The overcast weather was just perfect for an afternoon swim. The kiddie pool made the kids even more excited when they saw it! 
The pool is located on the 4th level but there's no changing room or comfort room near the pool. You have to go down to the 3rd level where the gym and the spa are.
Cozy cocoons available if you want to read a book or just chill by the pool with a drink by your side. I wished that was me but the kids in the pool kept on the calling for mommy. Heehee! And since we were celebrating Father's Day, BOS is the one who gets to chill and watch us swim!
The little boy brought his toy cars, of course.
They loved every minute in the water until I told them it's time to dinner. Heehee!

This little escape in the city gave us the chance to eat at restaurants we normally have to make our way to Makati and BOS isn't really the type to drive all the way to another city just to eat so this was a treat for all of us. Haha! I let him pick the restaurant and dinner was at Cafe Breton, which was one of our favorites as a family, next to ramen places. Haha!
Y and BOS got their favorite, Galette Paysanne. Y shared hers with R.
This is what I ordered and I want to go back for this! So good!

After dinner, we dropped by Adidas where BOS got me my anniversary gift (Father's Day celebration and he still got me a gift! Hihi, best husband in the world!). We went back to the hotel after, gave the kids a bath and tucked them in then BOS and I went back to Greenbelt for a movie night, a long overdue date night!
The kids in their new Bug & Kelly pajamas before sleeping. They're pretending to be superheroes here. 

It's really been awhile since we watched a movie together so this was another treat for us! We bought last full show tickets for Tomorrowland and while waiting we spent our time at Timezone! It's like how our dates are like 7 years ago! Ayiheeee!
BOS's favorite game. He has mastered how to get 100 tickets almost every time. And I think I have mastered it too. Hihi! Won a lot of tickets for the kids.
I used to look at people who win snakes of tickets kasi di ako nanalo ng ganon! Inggitera lang. And now I am married to a guy who wins tickets like this. Aba kebs at people who look at us. Haha!
Tomorrowland was okay, not to great but I like it. BOS wasn't impressed though. We went back to the hotel at pass 12MN and the kids were sleeping soundly. We all slept like babies but R the early riser woke me up at 7AM.
Good morning, Makati!
If the kids look forward to a hotel's swimming pool, me on the other hand, looks forward to breakfast!
We went down at 8AM and had breakfast at Cafe 1228.
Our breakfast nook. I'm glad they sat us in a nook because kids get rowdy and I don't want to disturb other people. Obvious naman sa gulo ng table diba? Hehe
First stop was the noodle station for R. My kids love anything noodles so this was nice, makes it easy for me to feed them.
Dimsum to go with your noodles.
What's breakfast without bacon?
A variety of muffins. Love the blueberry muffins!
The Fruit Garden fruit jams and honey.
For a light breakfast, there's salad, cheese and hams.
There's also fresh fruits available.
Fresh fruit shakes ready to quench your morning thirst. Y was happy because there was mango fruit shake!

I wasn't able to take a photo of what we ate. I really have to practice how to take photos of my food with the kids in tow! After breakfast, the kids took advantage of the bath tub. I think this is their second time to see one haha! We have one at home but it's the plastic tub they have since they're babies so that doesn't count. Hehe!
Happy kids, happy mommy!

After their bath tub time, we took our baths and got ready to take the kids to the mall. We were still full from our breakfast at Cafe 1228 so we decided to take the kids to Timezone naman. Y has been asking me if she can play in Timezone whenever we would pass by one and I would say she can go if only her papa is with us and it was her lucky day! Heehee!
My babies. Can't believe they're big na and I was happy I got to snap this photo of them both smiling (because they know they're going to Timezone). Haha!

Kids loved every minute they spent in Timezone and they get so excited when they win tickets. So cute!
And because we won a lot of tickets the night before and also with the kids. We had them picked a toy each! Parang nanalo sila ng jackpot. Oh to be a kid again!
After Timezone was lunch time! It was a late lunch and of course I let BOS picked which restaurant he wanted to eat and he picked Fish and Co. The last time we ate here at two years ago during his birthday!
This is BOS's favorite! I'm so happy he got to eat at his favorite restaurants.

Thank you New World Makati Hotel for treating our family for a wonderful pre-Father's Day staycation! BOS got to relax, we got to have a date night and he got to eat at his favorite restaurants. He's always busy at work, we only see him on the weekends and chilling/resting/relaxing is the only thing he wants to do on weekend. So thank you so much New World Makati Hotel again! We'll be back soon!
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