What Summer Has Been Like for the A&D Kids!

It's mid-May already! Ang bilis ng bakasyon! In less than a month, it's going to be back to school na! That also means back to driver/yaya duties na ulit ako and with that we're going to savor every minute of everyday before school starts. How's summer been like for your kids? 

This summer I try to keep the kids busy, less iPad time, practice writing, take them out and play and more! I enrolled them in a swimming class that only lasted for 5 days because both of them were crying while in class, I don't want them to get traumatized so we stopped and just enjoy our inflatable pool at home. Heehee!
R during his second day. Brave boy but didn't want to get his face wet. Hehe
Yukie only lasted 1 session. She didn't want to go in the water on the next class. I didn't want to force her. R lasted for 5 sessions but he was crying na the last 2 sessions whenever the coach would make him swim and float by himself.
This is them at our laundry area. Hehe!

Most days we are home. Our living room always looked like it's been hit by a typhoon, si bagyong Raizo. Toys all over then we pack away, then next minute R is at it again. This cycle is on repeat everyday! Kaloka. But there are peace and quiet days naman when we all play together.
I made a Lego parking lot for R's car.
Y made a castle with a moat for her Rapunzel (which she got from a Kinder egg).

Lego is a must-have in every child's toy collection. It's very versatile! I used Lego to teach R colors and shapes. It's a great for sensory play and for the imaginative minds too! Y has built lots of things just by using Lego blocks! We were lucky that my cousins were able to keep their Lego and pass it on to my kids. I had my own collection when I was a kid, passed it on to my cousins but I don't know if they kept them or give it away too. Nonetheless, I am going to start my kids's their own Lego collection.

R is turning three next month. Even though his age made it to Y's school's cut-off for this school year. We decided not to enroll him muna and teach him at home, play more at just enjoy his pre preschool days!
We learning letters! This is Y's Speller Jr. which we won in a children's party. I took it out this summer to introduce spelling to Y. Although R doesn't really recognized all the letters of alphabets yet but this is a great practice! He enjoyed this too as much as achi!

Y is entering Kinder 1 this June and I've been making her practice writing ever since summer started. It's a battle with her everyday! Her school is very strict in penmanship and I want her to practice as much as she can this summer because I don't want to pressure her when school starts.
Practice, practice... makes perfect? And a stressed momma and Y.
Sulat manok! It's been so hard making Y write and she would always hurry to finish one page, hence that kind of handwriting. Heehee!
Y likes to doodle. Can you guess what this is? It looks like a princess noh? But it isn't daw. It's an ice cream volcano! She used my pens to draw this.
BOS bought some canvas and paint and let the kids try it.
Left: Y and her colorful work. Right: R and his favorite color. Hehehe
For Easter, we did this bunny craft made of paper plates, art papers, and cotton balls. Cute noh? Didn't think it would turn out this way.
Introduced addition to Y too. We use popsicle sticks to count to make it more fun!

Of course we didn't stay indoors all summer. We also had play time outside. The kids have their afternoon play daily at the playground in our compound. Then we a 3-day staycation in Edsa Shangri-la last month. We had a super great time and the kids loved the water park and the pool!
Took the kids to Mind Museum last month! You can read about it here.
Brought Y with me to Manila Post Office when I had to pick up a package. It's both our first time at the post office and her first time to see an actual "mail man". Love old buildings and its architecture. I will bring Y back and send snail mail to her cousins!
Swim all day for three days! And I was so happy their swimming class didn't traumatize them. They enjoyed the water! It was the best three days!
Mall time! Y saw this life size Baymax and asked me to take her photo. Ang cute naman kasi!
Took this boy for a haircut! And this is us waiting for our ice cream!

We're excited for our staycation at the end of the month! More family time before school starts and yaya goes home to her province. How about you? How's your summer so far? 

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