A&D Family: The Mind Museum + Ippudo Day

During the Holy Week, BOS and I took the kids out to The Mind Museum at BGC then dinner at Ippudo in SM Megamall after. It's was a first for all of us so we were quite excited. It was Black Saturday, streets were empty, parking was easy, and the museum wasn't too crowded.
We arrived around 3PM. Papa hand-in-hand with the kids!
Aedi greeted us as we enter Mind Museum.

I am one of those who didn't really excel in Science in school but I am always interested with Science (just not interested in listening to my teachers, haha!). I want to take my kids to as many museums this summer as well as expose them to Science this early.
Trying out new things. Y is a very shy kid and is always apprehensive to try new things. I was happy that she was game to try this after seeing me try it too.
Then Y got scared when she saw this because she thought it's real like the one in The Night at The Museum hehe!
Human evolution. This scared the kids too heehee! But they will eventually learn about this in school.
She likes the more interactive and fun part of the museum like this. It's a flying ball!
 And as always, monkey see, monkey do! Hehe!
Adults get learn new things at the Mind Museum. This got BOS's attention.
And there's this test which I failed haha! You think you know it all, but you don't! What do you think is the answer to this question? :)
R thought this was real. I was putting my head inside its mouth and R kept on saying "No! No!" Haha!
Hair-raising experience for Y!
This kept them laughing and they were at this for 5 minutes. Haha!
It's all about Chemistry!
And this was probably R's favorite spot in the museum. We couldn't get off him the arcade. Good thing there was no line. I think he stayed here for about 20 minutes. Our little car-loving boy.
More games and it's all for free (well, it's inclusive in the entrance fee haha!).

We spent around 1.5 hours in the museum. I didn't get to read everything posted because R was a bit makulit and I have to run and chase after him. Y doesn't know what "Science" is because she's not studying it yet in school but I still want to them to expose them to different things.

What made them most excited was the playground outside the museum. Too bad one of the slides was being repainted but the kids still got to enjoy playing!
They can play here all day!

After our almost 2 hours museum trip, we were deciding where to eat for dinner. I thought we were going to eat around the area but BOS suggested why not eat at Ippudo in Megamall. He figured it was a holiday and there would be not a lot of people at the mall, there would be no line at Ippudo and I thought why didn't I think of that?! But lo and behold, when we got to Megamall, there was a long line to the parking! And we had to wait another 40 minutes at Ippudo. Wewewe...
The line started pass the "Line Starts Here" sign. I was a bit hesitant to line up because I was hungry already plus we were with two kulit kids. But then I thought, if I don't eat here now, when will I? We just took turns running after R na lang and gave the kids snack so they won't get hungry!
The line moves naman every 10-15 minutes? Sometimes there would be a free table but it's for sharing or you will be sat at the counter. We refused twice. We wanted our own table because we know R would be makulit. I don't want other people to be hassled by us.
30 minutes into the line, this guy came out and gave away cold tea to us who were waiting
Almost there! And after 5 minutes of torture with this view in the waiting line, my name was finally called.
After 1 million years! We ordered 3 bowls of Shiromaru Motoaji with Tamago, a pork bun and gyoza.
Patiently waiting (for 5 minutes haha) for his noodles. They give us kiddie bowls and spoon.
BOS and I each had a bowl while the kids shared another bowl. I think my kids can also finish a bowl of their own. Alam ko na next time!
This lady brought her own chopsticks. Her papa told her pala the night before that we were going to eat ramen kaya she reminded yaya to pack this in their bag.
Yummy pork buns which I will try to replicate at home!
I had to order gyoza. My blog name wouldn't have "dumplings" in it for no reason. But sadly, this was so s and the gyozas were small.

Verdict? It was good but I have to go back 2-3 times pa to really know for myself if I like the ramen. And maybe I was too hungry, I inhaled my food so fast, I forgot how it tastes like. Hahaha! When BOS asked Y how she finds the new ramen place, she said she  still likes the one with the "kahoy kahoy" interior. Hehe! Our favorite ramen place remains to be Ikkoryu!
We day ended on a sweet note with Bonogelato! Thank you Papa for taking us out, more family days like this please :)

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