A&D Travels: A Family Weekend Getaway at Wilson's Place, Tagaytay

Last November, the kids and I went on a weekend trip to the south for a weekend at Wilson's Place with Michelle's family. It was a week after school started after sembreak. Not busy in school yet so it was just perfect!
This view awaits us!
There was traffic in Sta. Rosa but a nice weather like this can't ruin my drive!
Wilson's Place is a Bed and Breakfast in Tagaytay. It was a summer home that was turned into a B&B. Wilson's Place is located in a residential area,  more quiet and secluded area, far from the busy and tourist spots of Tagaytay which was a nice welcome. Perfect for retreats, team buildings, or a quick escape from the city.
It was my first time to drive to this part of Tagaytay, so thank you Waze! (Search for Maglabe Drive) You would think you're lost na but it's actually not hard to find.
Wilson's Place has 13 rooms - 9 regular rooms (inside the main house) and 4 family rooms (outside near the pool) where Michelle and I got to stay. 
Here's a peek of our rooms before they were invaded by the kids!
We stayed at the Wood Room
A Queen Bed (for the mom and dad) where Y and I slept
Two Twin Beds (for the kids) where R slept with yaya
Clean bathroom with clean toiletries
Michelle's family stayed at the Aqua Room just in front of our room
Michelle's kids invading their beds hihi

Kids loved the lawn at the back. It only has two swings now but will soon have a mini playground and grill/picnic area where guests can cook and enjoy meals outdoor.
It has a big pool (around 4 or 5 feet) which was the star of our stay. They can provide floaters if you forgot to bring one. Despite the cold weather and water, our kids happily swam. The cold never bothered them anyway hihi... I got to swim because R was really persistent and wants to swim by himself! . Their lips turned blue after because of the cold! Kaloka!
This is my kids making me kulit, telling me the water was not cold.
These two enjoyed the water. Swam that afternoon and the next morning! I really don't know how they can swim in the cold.

The main house is so picturesque. Beautiful architecture, nice interior with the mix of quirky and eclectic furnitures. 
Each of the 9 rooms in the main house has a theme and we got to check the rooms which were unoccupied.
The Red Room
The Classic Room which was my favorite room of all the rooms.

What I loved about Wilson's Place is its homey atmosphere. It's like staying at your friend's house lang. And the meals they served are home-cooked making your stay more comfortable and cozier! (Note: They only serve breakfast and dinner.)

For dinner, here's what we had:

Smoked Chicken Ceaser's Salad
Creamy Pumpkin Soup which was good. Kids loved it!
Shrimp Frito
Tuna Pate on Melba Toast
Fish Pasta
Grilled Porkchop
Chicken Roulade
Rice With Corn

We also had Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert and Calamansi Juice With Mint. I liked everything they served, if only I have a bottomless pit I would have eaten more. Haha! PG lang ang peg. It was a sumptuous dinner that I couldn't wait for breakfast!
Mini Tuna Sandwiches
Assortment of Fruits with Yogurt and Feta Cheese - my kids loved this surprisingly.
Gourmet Tuyo
Hot Chocolate and Brewed Coffee - both were "malabnaw". I hope they improve on this one. I love a good wake me up coffee. :)
We were also served Fried Eggs and Sinangag. Comfort food!
Our table where we both had our dinner and breakfast

Wilson's Place also has a conference room for those who want hold their team buildings and retreats here.
Love the chairs!
And while staying at Wilson's Place, make a day trip to Yoki's Farm then have lunch at Balay Indang which we did. Doing another post on that!
Balay Indang's main house

It was a nice and quiet weekend, well a little bit rowdy with toddlers in tow. Y couldn't stop talking about that weekend until now and kept telling me she wants to go back. While Wilson's Place is great place to stay, there are not a lot of things you can do, so bring your game boards or a book you want to finish. But we had a great time nonetheless! Thank you Raquel for having us at Wilson's Place, we'll be back soon!

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For directions going to Wilson's Place, please check this map:
Wilson's Place is located at Maglabe Drive, Tagaytay, Tagaytay City. 

For inquiries and reservations, you may call: +639158645706 / +639175357218 / +639178665825 or email them at wilsons.place@yahoo.com
For more information on Wilson's Place, follow and like their social media accounts:
Facebook: Wilson's Place
Instagram: @wilsonsplace


  1. The place looks inviting and picture perfect. But do they have ample parking and a guard on duty? The picture on house rules was quite bothering.

    1. Yes they have ample parking space and a guard on duty. Wilson's Place is located in a residential area maybe that's why they are strict on the rules :) Which part do you find bothering?