A&D Travels: Day Trip to Yoki's Farm, Cavite

The highlights during our stay at Wilson's Place were our day trip to Yoki's Farm and lunch the next day at Balay Indang (owned and operated by the same family). Yoki's Farm is located at Mendez, Cavite, just a few minutes drive away from Wilson's Place.

Yoki's Farm is a different kind of farm. Yoki's Farm is a hydroponics farm where lettuces are planted on nutrient-filled water and not in soil. They supply the greens to Tagaytay's famous restaurants, but you can also buy fresh lettuces from the farm at an very affordable price.
Rows and rows of lettuce
They grow a variety of lettuces: Green Ice, Romaine, etc.

They also have a herb garden where I got to see herbs in the flesh hihi. I always buy the dried spices in a bottle at the grocery so seeing fresh herbs and getting a whiff of what they actually smells like was a treat for me.
And there's more! You can also buy herbs when you visit the farm.
There was also a sili plant!

Yoki's Farm also has an orchid nursery but there were no blooms yet when we visited.
But we were able to spot a few flowers and mulberries. 
After checking out the hydroponics farm, we were invited to the house where the owners stay while visiting the farm. We were treated with fresh lettuce, carrots, mangoes all rolled in a lumpia wrapper.

Apart from the hydroponics farm and orchid nursery, Yoki's Farm also has a mini zoo and a museum which houses the owner's private collection of antiques, relics and many more!
A big Buddha welcomes guests at Yoki's Farm
Take pictures, a lot of them! Y followed M's cue with these photos. Hehe!
At the back of the Big Buddha is this. There are Jade ships, Egyptian statues, antique porcelains and more. It felt like it can be scene from The Mummy the movie!
A short aisle leading to what seems like a chapel. Chairs and altars were saved from an old church.
Terracota Warriors
I lit up when I saw these hehe!

The kids were bugging us to go and check out the mini zoo. Y wanted to see the birds and pigs. There were bunnies, cockatoo, macaws, doves, peacocks and more!
When Y and M met the piggies!
 There were Macaws but my photos were blurry. Y fondly called them RIO! Hihi!

Y loved the tour and she can still remember our trip to Yoki's Farm. Make sure to book a tour to Yoki's Farm when you go to your next Tagaytay trip and take home fresh lettuce! 

For bookings and inquiries, you may call 0918-3607305.
Also make sure to follow and like them on their social media accounts:
Facebook: Yoki's Farm
Instagram: @yoki_farm

And lastly, here's a map to Yoki's Farm (Tabluan Rd. San Isidro Palocpoc I, Mendez, Cavite):

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