To Legazpi Sunday Market We Go!

I've been wanting to go Legazpi Market for the longest time but ang hirap kasi gisingin si BOS so when Ninang G was asking where we can go for our "date" I suggested Legaszi Sunday Market! I woke up early and picked up Ninag G and off to Legazpi Sunday Market we go!

We started first with the dry goods before we checked out the food section which saved for last which we saved for last! Heehee!
Rawlicious and Fresh Organic Vegetables for sale

 From plants ats!..
to more vegetables and handwoven products. I want those handwoven place m
There was a stall was selling mulberry and bought Tong's Coffee! Ninang G and I were able to meet the owner and got to try their different variants! Love meeting people who are passionate about their products.
 Suman Budbud which I bought a lot to take home because BOS loves kakanin. Loved the Mango and Biko and would love to try other flavors too! The owner was very nice too to have us taste test almost all flavors. As in he wanted us to try all of them that Ninang G who is not a suman person also bought to bring home as pasalubong.
Ritual Products

Silly Monkey Clothing, Indigo Baby Shop was also there and a whole lot more! I just didn't take photos because I was busy looking around. I love markets, wt markets, groceries! Such a mommy thing! Haha!  After looking around the dry goods area, we went to check out the food. Inikot muna namin before buying. There was Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Indonesian, Spanish, Singaporean, Malaysian cuisine. There was a burger station and ice cream too!
 Grass-fed Burgers and another stall that sells pastas I think :)
 Indonesian Food and Yakitori which I bought some chicken skin to take home for BOS. Sayang naubos ang wagyu!
I love the food covers! I want that for our home!
 Asian Hawker Food!
There were also cakes and cupcakes stalls but we were there for the savory food haha! Ninang G and I sbought food to share plus we had Thai Iced Tea!
Left: Swedish Balls which was not good and cold :( And not that cheap ha.
Right:  Something Mee. Haha! Forgot the name but it was just so  so
Indonesian Food! Good but not memorable.

Next time I'm trying that stall who's selling Phad Thai and the Wagyu barbecue and next time I'm bringing BOS na with me whether he likes it or not hahaha! And next time Salcedo Market naman!

Go early as parking can be hard.

Do you have your favorites? Share naman so I can check it out the next time I go!

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Legazpi Sunday Market is located Legazpi and Rufino Sts
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