A&D Eats: Lunch With Bestfriends at Tipsy Pig, Capitol Commons

We've been friends for 18 years and we never realized it until we had lunch for Clarissa's birthday and we're finally and officially complete in Manila after 10 years ba? We decided to have lunch at Tipsy Pig at Capitol Commons. It was my first time to actually be in Capitol Commons and not just pass by lang.
We didn't realize it's a gastropub! We were with kids. Haha!
We asked for the best sellers so we wouldn;t have to think about what to eat and go straight to chikahan!
Belly Good Sisig Tacos - one order is bitin! See that little hands, Y loved the chicharon!
The Tripe Chop - this was so so lang
Spicy Butter Shrimp which was good but would be better if it was spicier!
Pulled Pork BBQ Pizza - good but not that good
Rigatoni With Spicy Shrimp - we love this!
Creamy Carbonara - ordered for Y and we like this also!

Food was good but not great buti na lang may chikahan portion! We liked the Sisig Tacos, Rigatoni With Spicy Shrimp and Spicy Butter Shrimp. Maybe because we don't drink kaya we didn't enjoy the food? But nonetheless, it's the company of my friends that matter!
18 years of friendship!
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  1. Are 16-year-old college students allowed to join pa?

  2. Hello Issa! Sorry for the late reply. I'm not so sure with that. You can email Google Philippines for that question :)