Alagang Abot-Kaya sa QualiMed

When you say quality healthcare, one would think of high-end hospitals with their high-end facilities and technologies. But only a few of us would be able to afford that kind of healthcare, pano na yung nasa Broad C market? And that is why I'm glad that there's now a QualiMed.
QualiMed is a network of healthcare facilities owned and operated by Mercado General Hospital Inc. (MGHI) in partnership with Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI). "Alagang Abot-Kaya" is what they promise. The healthcare facilities are intended to cater to the needs of the broad C market. And I really must day that ehy have great facilities and the rates of the services is really affordable.
Diba really really affordable? You can actually bring your yayas here for their chest x-ray and laboratories.

All QualiMed healthcare facilities have capabilities and services ranging from a multi-specialty medical clinis, an ambulatory or day surgery center, to a full-service general hospital. The Mommy Bloggers' Event that I went to was in Manila where it is a QualiMed Surgery Center. We were able to tour the place and check out the facilities available.
Eliseo Yanga  III, Corporate Training Officer II, was the one who gave us the tour
This is where the tests/specimen are taken before they are sent off to the laboratory using the tube (?)
This was probably the highlight of our day. Hihi!
This was all over the place even at the canteen so no need to hurry while eating!
There was live MRI happening when we checked out the Radiology Department
More of the Radiation Department
This is the Occupational and Industrial Health Clinic
I was amused by his sign hehe

There was also a Food Plaza with a great selection of food. The nearby hospital didn't have anything like this. #alamna hehe
Food Plaza

After tour, we sat down for lunch while Dr. Edwin Mercado, President and CEO of MGHI gave us a more detailed talk on QualiMed and its future developments in Manila and in the province.
To give you a background on MGHI, it also owns the Daniel O. Mercado Medical Center (DMMC), a tertiary hospital in Tanuan, Batangas and the DMMC Institute of Health Sciences (DMMC-IHS), a tertiary healthcare education institution.

QualiMed aims to deliver integrated care with strong focus on primary care, a patient-base reach, with while giving appropriate, affordable and accessible healthcare.
Appropriateness. Focuses or primary and protective care provided by a competent medical team.

Affordability. Rates of their services are 30-40% lower than what is being offered in the market. (As shown above with their x-ray, ECG, etc.) They also have bundled packages for different services. Affordability is their key to achieving their goal of providing quality healthcare to the braod C market and possibly to the DE markets.
This is a sample from their Trinoma Branch (prices may subject to change ha)

Accessibility. Ease of financial and physical access. Qualimed's facilities will be built/established in ALI's mixed-use developments such as residential, office, and mall developments.
 Don't we all go back to places or things that are worth our while, money, time an defforrt, right?!

Aside from the QualiMed Manila, the Trinoma clinic is now open.
And soon to open in different provinces and other Ayala Malls.

Thank you Game Changer, Em and QualiMed for having us! I'm excited to try your Trinoma Clinic for my annual physical exam and other services!

Our QualiBoy hehe!

For more information on QualiMed, its facilities and more, please check their Facebook and Instagram:
Facebook: QualiMed
Instagram: @qualimedph

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