Back To School With Pylones Happy Packs

Pylones is a French gift shop which was started by three friends in 1985. It's  one store you certainly notice in mall because of its colorful store and quirky merchandise!
Pylones Glorietta 5
It was my second time to go to a Pylones store but it was my first time to really browse and check out their merchandise. 
It's full of happy colors!
SoMoms invaded Pylones Glorietta 5!

Here's Amandine Laloi, Sale Export Manager of Pylones, telling us how Pylones started. She's been with Pylones for 9 years now! She showed us Pylones's very first product, she let us guessed it. Mahulaan mo kaya?
Amandine Lalo
Can you guess what these are?
It's a bracelet! If you guessed it right, palakpakan!

Today, they have more than 25 designers. Pylones can be described as an innovative and ambitious brand.
And their best seller are the rings! Which I forgot to take photos of. Heehee! But I have a photo of a photo of the rings. Labo hehe! They mix their own colors din pala!

And to show you some of the items that can be found in a Pylones store, photo blog below! They have the quirkiest things and I love how they come with such designs but still serves its purpose!
Ice Cream Scoop
Cleaning Brush. Cute!
Water Jugs
Y knew what these are for! Haha!
Cheese Grater

Cellphone Covers, Little Hammers and more!
Stuff for kids: Bibs, Tambourines, Lunch Boxes! Love the robot print!

Back to school is just a month and a half away (for us, huhuhu) and Pylones launched its Happy Packs! Each Happy Pack bundle is assembled to suit your child's personality  
Artsy,  Boy Scout, Girly Girl and Nerdy!

Have no clue or unsure what kind of personality your kids have? Here's more details on what each Happy Pack is:

The Artsy Happy Pack is for your budding artist includes a Nathan Small Scissors, crafty puncher and a graphic A5 pouch (photos below)!
All of these for your artist!

Boy Scout Happy Pack is for your little McGyver's! Equip them with proper gear for the whole school year.  This Happy Pack includes an eye-catching thermos, an LED light and Pylones's fun umbrella! 
Fun prints for the cooler and super cute umbrella! (No photo of the LED light)

The Girly Girl Happy Pack is fr the little ladies! Get your princesses giddy with the bee-pen with post-it , petals, Pylones's Papiclips, NBL Akademic Notebook, and a cutesy pen case!
 All of these for Php1,700! Save Php400 by buying this Happy Pack!

The Nerdy Happy Pack is for geeks and techies out here! Nerds will geek out on the crazy-cool laptop sleeves, a mouse and a pad,  a touch stylus pen!
Designs available may vary from each store, this goes for all the items for the Happy Packs!

These Happy Packs can also be a perfect gift to your nieces, nephews, or inaanaks. If you don't know what kind of Happy Bundle to get them, you can take this "Which Happy Pack Is You Kid?" quiz (available in any store) before buying!
Can you guess which Happy Pack Y is? It's really a no brainer. Hehe!
She had to try on the rings!
Thank you Pylones for our Girly Girl Happy Pack!

Visit a Pylones Store now na and avail of the Happy Packs and get great savings!
R2 Power Plant Mall
G/F Glorietta 5
G/F SM Aura

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