Summer Shoe Lusts!

I love shoes! When I'm bored, sad or uninspired, I browse through my favorite local shoe brands to check what's new or sometimes when I'm really really sad (at may budget), I buy new shoes! Relate ba kayo? :)

I have no budget for a new pair (or maybe one) of shoes... Heehee! I'm sharing with you some of the shoes I've been checking out well almost everyday. You never knw, baka mag-SALE!

1. Gold Dot Kriselle Wedges (Php1,595)
I've been looking for a black basic wedges for everyday use. I like how simple yet sexy this Kriselle is. (Photo from Gold Dot FB Page)

2. Suelas x Anthill Collection (Php1,150 - Php1,250)
I'm a fan of both Suelas and Anthill and this collaboration made me so happy! I love how they our very own Filipino hand-loomed fabrics for their shoes!  Anf my favorite is...

I don't have a blue sandals yet so this is perfect! (Photos from Suelas Online)

3. Primaluxe Manila's Enzo Leopard Sneakers (Php990)
Leopard print is my favorite animal print! I like this for days when you want to feel like a bagets! Haha. Uy bata pa ako ah.
Or those days na wala kang pedicure or sira sira na ang pedicure! Heehee! Guilty?

I love that it's only Php990 and they look comfy! This also comes in Camo, Floral, Houndstooth and Python which are also nice too! (Photos are from Primaluxe Manila's FB Page)

4. Renegade Folk's Breathe (Php1,450)
Sadly, this is sold out in my size :(

5. Renegade Folk's British SUmertime (Php1,500)
This is also out of stock na huhu! I hope they'll restock this because I want to get both... or not. Hehehe! Oh... shoes!

Hay... I wish I can buy a pair of shoes each month. That would make a happy happy girl. As well as clothes na din.... Wishful thinking!

Care to share your favorite shoe finds? Shoes brands?

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