Yes, I'm Still Here!

Hello World!

Yes I'm still here. I've been so busy with... well everything!

First, I got no yaya. The previous yaya left about 4 weeks ago. And because there's no replacement, I had to take a leave from work and take care of the kids. The new yaya was here for 2 weeks then I let her go kasi stress drilon siya!!!

Now I have a new yaya which we got from an agency. I hope she sticks. I like her so far but hindi naman lalabas mga sungay nyan habang bago pa sila. Diba?

Work wise... Well, my boss understands which is great. I'll be on leave for 1 month na next week. O diba? AWOL na ata yun. Hihi! But yun nga, my boss is very understanding.

We're also busy at Paper Chic Studio. As much as I want to do everything as planned, wala. :p We're preparing for Expo Mom. Y's room literally became our stock room. Buti na lang we're co-sleeping (attachment parenting rocks!!!). So our house is now home/stock room/office. I need an office table! Dahan dahan tayo dyan! Please visit our booth ha!

Y's enjoying me being home all the time. I'm enjoying it too. Pero wala akong time management! Oh well papel.

I'm rambling na. Sana in the next few days and during the break, maka-blog na ako! :)

Happy Weekend!


  1. Uber bait naman ng boss mo. I hope ganyan din ako ka tapang like you when it comes getting the right yaya. Kung di like, evicted right away. Ako I want to let go na sana of my yaya of 2 years na with us kasi parang rebellion ang peg eh. nkakainis! kaya lng di ko magawa gawa agad ksi wlang replacement tapos I have an 8-hour job pa. ang hirap kaya mkakuha ng matinong kasambahay.

  2. applesanddumplingsMarch 26, 2013 at 9:59 AM

    When I don't like the yaya pinapaalis ko na talaga. Ang motto ko sa yaya is pag nainis na ako when I see her face pa lang sa umaga, kelangan ng paalisin. Good luck in finding the right yaya. Mahirap talaga :(

  3. Bebengisms | Denise RayalaMarch 27, 2013 at 11:54 AM

    Wow, one month leave! Astig. And ikaw ang astig, work, biz, blog and mommyhood. :)

  4. Where'd you get your yayas?
    Tama yang rule mo.. Hehehe... :)

    See you soon Cai! :)