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Ok, time for some confession. And a bit TMI. Ever since I gave birth to R and been busy with motherhood, my day job and Paper Chic Studio, my time for self-grooming has become limited. I, sometimes would forget to pluck my kili-kili only to realize when I'm already wearing a sleeveless shirt or when I'm already at a party! Que Horror!

I've been wanting to have my underarms lasered but I'm always wary. I don't know which is the best place to have it done... Until Wink!
Wink is the newest laser and wax studio in Bonifacio High Street! Me along with a few of the SoMoms were invited by Liz of Project Vanity to have an afternoon chat with the owner of Wink, Holly Chang. Can I just say that she's so pretty and her skin is luminous!!! Peg!
Anyways, I love intimate events such as this one because we get to talk and laugh without being awkward. Hihi! With so many salons and waxing places offering the same services, I asked what makes Wink different? Wink takes pride on their policy on hygiene as well as their after care.
Tita K of Live Love Lolz and SoMom Tin of MFO
At Wink, they never reuse towels, sheets, or spatulas. Their technicians always don masks and a glove. Guests get their own set of waxing implements and they sanitize and sterilize like crazy in between sessions which is good to know!!!
Frances of Topaz Mommy hamming it up :)

Check out the interior of their store! Super nice! You won't feel you're in a lab! You'll be super comfortable once you're inside.
I love the ceiling!
For that afternoon, I got to try their underarm waxing which I haven't tried ever before. So it was my first time! This was my room.
Before we started our session, my technician had me check list of my allergies, if any. She explained and showed me photos of common skin sensitivities and the after care, which I really appreciate. None of the waxing places I've been to are as extensive as this.
This was given to me which you should READ after! Very important!
I had a great first time waxing experience. She was fast and thorough. I also had my knuckle hairs (?) on my fingers and toes waxed off! :)

My next agenda (agenda talaga?!), is to get my underarm hairs zapped! One of the reasons why I haven't done it is I was afraid of the rate. #barat I was surprised to see that Wink's price is pocket-friendly and you can pay via credit card on installment basis 0% pa!
Click to enlarge!

And I always thought it's painful! But no! Here's more info!
Wink also carries Soak Swimwear and Snoe Products, which I want to try!!!
Vist Wink Laser and Wax Studio na!
3/F C2 Bldg. 7th Ave. corner 28th St., Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig City 
T 808.7258 
M 0917.303.WINK

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