A&D's Top Picks at The Mommy Mundo Bazaar + My Loot

Visited The Mommy Mundo Bazaar last Sunday. I really look forward to Mommy Mundo Bazaar and Expo Mom every year (no joke, no biased ha) ever since my first pregnancy and this year was no exception! They always have great stuff for expectant moms, nursing moms, for babies and kids!

Before doing some shopping, I dropped off Y and yaya at the "play area" with some of the other SoMoms' kids. :) Jackie and baby Juro was my shopping buddy for the day!

Pretty mommy and cutie pie Juro!
For maternity wear, nursing bras, tops, dresses, and paraphernalia, Mommy Matters, Mamaway and Mama.Baby.Love are your pit stops!
I want to own a Dizzy Dress. But find their price a bit steep. Maybe when Y's bigger, I'd buy one. Hmmm..
I've been obsessing about shoes for myself and even for my kids so these local brands of shoes didn't escape my radar. Hihi..
Pretty and chic for the little feet! Tot Couture shoes! I think I should have bought that cap toe flats for Y.
I've been hearing raves about Tip Tap Soft Soles from fellow SoMoms. I want to buy the little loafers for R!
The Little Red Shoes where I bought Y a pair of denim sandals! Check my loot photo at the end of this post!
Saw this studded flats from Ambishoes! They'll also have one for your little girl. I want!
More and more organic clothing line and sleepwear are becoming available in Manila and one of them is Omma Organics. I want the neck pillow but they don't have stocks :(
Jackie and I also visited Baby K'Tan's booth. They got some Ikea items for sale! :) Jackie went balistic, well ako din! Haha! #ayawumamin

Ooh, I also visited Wonderworld Toys booth but I don't have a photo with me. I picked up my online order which is a gift to my nephew/godson! I love their toys! Hindi din kami makaalis agad sa booth na yon! LOL

And last but definitely not the least, my last stop was Mommy Treats! I picked up my lactation brownies from Paola! They were sold out already when I got there! Galing!!!
And for my loot that day...
Denim Sandals for Y, Grandma's Goo Remover and Mom 24/7 Planner for me, Red Sneakers and Hat for R!

Did you go to the bazaar? What did you buy? Share naman! :)

Can't wait for the line up of events and activities by Mommy Mundo next year! Congratulations again Janice! :)

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