Want To See Me and Baby R in a TVC?

Hi mommies!

Are you one of those moms who wants to see her baby to star in a TV commercial? Aminin! I know I'm one of those moms! We always see those commercials with cute babies running around or playing with their moms, we can't help but wish it's our baby who's in the commercial. Diba?

Well, fret no more! You and your baby can now be in a Johnson's Baby TVC! There's a new and cool app over at the FB page of Johnson's Baby Philippines! I just made one for me and R, next I'll make one with Y, and another one with both Y and R. :)

First, like Johnson's Baby Philippines' FB page here! Then click Baby's First JB Video! It's very very easy to make one! Just follow the instructions and upload photos of your baby and of you.

Step 1. Register
 Step 2. Upload photos of your baby!
You'll need 5 photos, 2 tight shots, 1 full body and 1 medium shot of your baby and 1 photo of you and baby!
Step 3. Create video
And now our babies have a TVC na!You can play it over and over and over again! As in kahit one thousand times pa! Save it or create a new one! Magsawa tayo mga mommies! :)
And by watching your video, you also get to learn about the JB 3-Step Care System!
You can also view other mom's TVC by viewing the gallery! You can view mine there too with baby R!

O mommies, what are you waiting for? Go to Johnson's Baby Philippines and start making your baby star in a Johnson's Baby TVC!

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