Hong Kong Sojourn Part 1

I came back last Sunday from my 4-day sojourn in Hong Kong with my mom and achi. I'm still tired from the trip, I seriously need a massage. My feet and back are aching from all the walking and lugging around shopping bags and my breast pump everywhere we go.

I didn't take much photos, well, mostly food! Hehe! We pretty much went and ate almost at the same places like my trip last year. You can read about my Hong Kong trip last year here! What's new was leaving my two kids for the first time for four days. It was hard but it was also a bit liberating at the same time. Both me and my achi are pumping so we're still somehow attached to our kids. Hehe...

Me, pumping at the airport. Brought my cooler too!
We left Thursday early morning. Our flight was 8AM. We flew PAL and I was so happy we got to ride on a new plane, a Boeing 777 I think. Each seat at the Economy has a screen where I got to watch some Glee episodes! The plane wasn't full, I guess more people flew via budget airlines nowadays. If I weren't coming with my mom and achi, I would have flown via a budget airline too. 
We were in Hong Kong by 10AM, immigration was a breeze, waited a bit longer for the luggage. I loved that Hong Kong's internet is so fast, we got to Skype with the kids while waiting! I also got to tweet with my college barkada who's also there for a food trip TRIP! :)
Hi Shoti! Miss you mwah!
We rode the Airport Express to the city. We would have rode the bus if we weren't bringing heavy luggage (pasalubong for relatives).
Rode the Airport Express
Got to the hotel at 1230PM but check-in is at 2PM so we left our luggage at the hotel and had our first meal at Xia Mian Guan in Windsor House just beside our hotel. Food was ok. We finished our food and went back to the hotel, checked in, pumped, rested for awhile then out and about we go! We first went to North Point to bring the pasalubong to a family friend.
We were supposed to go to see a doctor but sa sobrang in demand niya, ang hirap pumila. We ended up not going and just bought the bilins from my amma and aunt. Then we had afternoon snacks at Sun Chiu Kee (新釗記)! This is the tea cafe/restaurant (or as my mom would say cha chaan teng) we always go to since we were kids in Causeway Bay that closed down, it opened another branch in North Point! So yay!

We all had Wonton Noodles! Yumyum! And my Hong Kong staple, iced milk tea!!!
For me!

Iced Horlicks for Achi

We got back to the hotel almost 7PM already. We rested for awhile and pumped then went out again for dinner! 
My pumping area at the hotel
Yes, kain lang ng kain.  We ate at a noodle and congee place, very old and a bit dirty looking resto but the congee is GOOD! Nothing like it talaga.

Sarap ng Sprite nila!
Last stop for the night was Wellcome! Every time we go abroad (that's Hong Kong most of the time), I love going to Wellcome and check out their grocery items and try things we don't have here. This grocery is open 24/7!
Not so good...
Our shopping cart
I always buy Kowloon Dairy milk when I go to Hong Kong! I had this every morning! Also bought several coffee beans for the BOS.

We love coffee!
This pretty much what we did on the first day. :) Stay tuned for more Hong Kong posts!