In Mommy's Arms

Do you have those days where you're doing nothing and suddenly you're thinking about how will it be if your kids are grown ups already?

Have you seen the new Johnson's Baby TVC?
Watching it made me teary-eyed. Yes, that 31-seconds video melted my heart! It made me miss Y when she was a baby, it made me want R to stay as a baby forever! I'm sure lots of moms can relate to that. I guess that's why sometimes I can't help it but to still baby Y. They're growing up so fast, it seems like it was only yesterday when I gave birth to Y!
Y at 4 or 5 months
The part where it says "Malulungkot ka sa gupit na di bagay sa'yo" made me laugh a little. Y just got a haircut over the weekend by my mom. She was sleeping when we cut her hair. She didn't really care much when she woke up, but maybe when she's bigger and can understand and I made her see a photo of her haircut now, she would probably ask me a lot of questions or she would probably hate me LOL!
The new Johnson's Baby TVC made me think all sorts of things! It made me reminisce about the first time Y was hospitalize and giving birth to R earlier than scheduled, both of which scared the wits out of me, it broke my heart. Even just seeing my kids cry or when they bumped their knees or head. What if pa when Y or R get their heart broken or when they didn't win or failed in a competition they joined. OMG. Just thinking about it gave me a heavy heart!

R at 3 months
On the bright side, those are still ages and eons away! Whew! I don't have to think about those for now. I'll enjoy them while they're little and while I can still carry them cause nothing and no one can harm them when they're in my arms, mommy's arms.

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