A&D's Early Christmas Shopping Guide

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited about Christmas this year! And this year I want to shop early for Christmas gifts. I don't want to cram again and buy gifts at the last minute (as I always do every Christmas hehe). I like to put a lot of thought on what to give and not just buy what's "uso". :) I came up with a list and I thought I'd share it with you!

Here's A&D's Christmas mini gift guide for your mommy friends, your kids, your inaanaks and pamangkins!

1. Wonderworld Toys

What I like about Wonderworld Toys that it is wooden! As a mom, I would like my kids to play with more "natural" and earth-friendly toys and (try to) reduce plastic toys (as much as I can) which may be harmful to them. I got to check out Wonderworld Toys when the BOS and I were in GB5, I was really impressed! They have kitchen set, easel, and all sorts of toys for different ages and their price points are not so bad either! You can check their FB Page to see where you can purchase your very own Wonderworld Toys!
**Wonderworld will be at the Karl Edward's Bazaar at the NBC tent, The Fort tomorrow and Sunday from 10am to 7pm. We are offering an early Christmas sale. Get 3 items and get one more item for free.
2. Playtime Break Printables
I love anything customized! This would be a great gift for your nieces, nephews, godsons or goddaughters! Actually, this is great gift for any occasion. Have it printed, frame it, and wrap it! Check PB Printables on FB now!

3. Mothering Earthlings: Holidaze Sale
Mothering Earthlings is one of my favorite online shops for cute and pretty stuff for babies and mommies, plus I like it that they feature Filipino brands and designs! Support your own, right?! And I love sales! Combine the two, and it's the Holidaze Sale! Who wouldn't want to buy discounted stuff from your (and my) favorite brands like Googoo and Gaga, Fiddle Tops, and more! Shop shop shop now!

4. Cuzo Bags
As you all already know, I'm a big fan of Cuzo Bags. Cuzo Bags is a perfect gift to you mommy friends, sisters, and even to your mom! They're of great quality, pocket-friendly, classic, and definitely very fashionable! You know what's good about shopping Cuzo Bags online? They ship for free! Yay!
These are the things that are currently on my Christmas shopping list, as of now. I hope I get into buying a few gifts and cross out some names on my list! I will add on this gift guide again if I find anything interesting that's perfect for gift giving!

Got anything you find interesting that's great for Christmas? Please do leave a comment! :)

Have a great weekend!

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