DIY Birthday Cake Toppers

I love DIYs! If I only have more time, I would do more! It's so fun, therapeutic and fulfilling to make DIYs! :) Plus it's really pocket-friendly too! I think this topper costs less than Php50!

Here's a close-up of what I did for Y's birthday! I really had fun cutting the buses and Pororo kahit ang sumakit mata at kamay ko kakagupit sa kanila! I had fun taking photos too that the icing on the donuts are melting na! Haha!
Wag na pansinin ang magulo naming bahay!
I really love how the birthday donuts turned out. I wish I had a photo with a cleaner background hehe!

Then the Pororo, Eddy, and Crong toppers are bath toys which I bought at Sulit for Php450 + 50 shipping. It has 2 sets, I picked this one. The other one is Pororo, Petty and Loopy!
I love it! :)

I still have a few DIYs I want to do! I'm just waiting for some of my stuff to arrive from the US! Yay!


  1. Nice! I love your blogs new look, too! :)

  2. Thanks Cris! Still fixing the layout of the blog. Nagulo kasi :)